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皓皓 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago


whats your plan if you have much money?的一篇文章



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  • chen
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    10 years ago
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    whats your plan if you have much money?

    If I have much money, how spending and how planing I am?

    No matter who I have been poor before, really it is over and forget it.

    There are, example, three periods,

    The period of first is the age of the childhood, second is of the young,

    . surely third is of the old adult.

    A lot of money on the childhood , it's very amazing that

    . something will not do, such as;

    . just only buying the several kinds of candy, sweets, jellys and so on,

    . then walking around streets all day long.

    . enjoy obtaining the dolls , but the Hollo- Kitty I like best.

    That of which on the young, the growing-up for me,

    . I gradually begin to know myself and keep money making

    . those carefully.

    The most useful money is like;

    Buying a beautiful house , a smart car, or a lot of lands.

    . I can afford to spend money on luxuries in my life.

    However, one thing I have to do is that

    . I would give half of those to charity and also to my poor relatives,

    . then I would put the rest of those in the bank that earns

    . the interest and never goes to any-works again.

    During I am an old man, the elder needs special care in health.

    So, what I should decide is to live with my families,

    . oppositely, I will dwell in the nursing home forever,

    . if I spend out of all the money.


    儘管我以前很貧窮 它實際上已經結束,忘記它罷。

    例如,包括有三個 階段,

    是年齡 在兒童,第二, 是年輕,.

    . 三, 肯定是的老成人的階段。


    . 事情不會做,如;

    . 僅僅只會買各種 糖果 如,甜食,果凍 等等,.

    . 然後走在街道玩上一整天。.

    . 享有許多娃娃,但 Hollo Kitty 我最喜歡的。


    . 我逐漸開始認識自己,謹慎用錢,

    . 最大的使用的錢 是 ;

    . 買漂亮的房子,一個帥氣的汽車,還要有待很多的土地。

    . 我可以負擔得起的奢侈又花錢的生活。






    . 相反,我將永遠住在養老院,

    . 如果錢用光的話.

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  • 10 years ago

    what's your plan if you have much money


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    whats your plan if you have much money?


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  • 10 years ago

    還要幫你寫作文阿 浪費時間說

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