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英文餐廳對話 (很急 超缺高手幫忙)


麻煩幫我造他們對話 謝謝

A group of six people arrive at restaurant for lunch.

A dinner asks the waiter to recommend an appetizer.

A customer wants to know what comes with the prime rib.

A customer asks the waiter to suggest a dessert.

The hostess says a table will be available in ten minutes. She asks the customers if they want to wait.

The waiter recommends an appetizers from the menu below.

Using the menu below,the waiter introduces the choices.

The waiter makes a suggestion from the menu below.

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    Waitress: Hello, how are you guys today? A group of 6? There will be a table available in ten minutes, would you like to wait?

    Waitress: Come with me please.

    Waitress: Here is your menu, do you need me to explain?

    A: What kind of appetizer would you recommend?

    Waitress: Appetizer? Oh, we have.......

    B: This prime rib looks good, what comes with this course?

    Waitress: The prime rib comes with a side salad, chicken noodle soup or clam chowder and a dessert of your choice. What kind of desert would you like?

    B: I would like the clam chowder and the strawberry short cake for my prime ribs.

    C: What kind of course would you recommend?

    Waitress: Customers usually order the prime rib or the lamb chop.

    C: I would like a lamb chop, and I would like the chicken noodle soup and the cheesecake.

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