Promotion from PV2 to PFC?

I am a PV2 and have been since 03MAR2010. Just curious as to how much time does it take to get automatically promoted to PFC? And how does the early promotions with waviers work?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ALL units get waivers, its not just combat arms. ****, some people... and **** awards. any award worth its weight is gained on deployment, being a little douche that has 10,000 AAMs for being a kiss *** doesnt make you a good soldier. get your combat badge (if applicable), get some college to turn your AARTS transcripts into college credits, do a few corrospondence courses, get points for doing something that actually matters (like maxing your PT and rifle qual), and unless you're MOS is in the high 600s or in the 700s point wise you'll be fine when its time to make e-5.

    to answer your original question: automatic is 4 months TIG and 12 months TIS. you can get up to 6 months waived off of your TIS though.

    Source(s): former 82nd airborne
  • 1 decade ago

    Private First Class (E-3) - Four months TIG as a Private (E-2) and 12 months time-in-service (TIS).

    Unless you are 'combat arms' (infantry, artillery, MP, etc) don't expect a waiver. You need to demonstrate 'exceptional' abilities to get one, because each unit only has so many to pass around (Except the previous examples)

    My advice: start farming awards. You'll need them to get to Sergeant. Also start chewing through those online classes (Lots of units have a CD with all the answers they loan out to soldiers). You don't want to wait until you get to Specialist before you start the E5 grind.

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