In the 1999 house on haunted hill....?

So in the movie Vincent Price shredded his wife's guest list, then wrote his own. But as he left the room, a new one was wrote not by him. Who wrote it, the house? That leads to my real question, if a new one was written not by him nor his wife, how did the doctor Blackburn (play by Peter Gallagher) and Prices wife, conspire to fake her death? How did they know each other before hand, because surely they didn't have enough time at the house and he wouldn't of out of the blue knowing Price was going to die as a result?! Plot hole?


Oh, they need to make some stuff more obvious...The older one is soooo much better.

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    Blackburn and Price's wife were already seeing each other off camera, and their wasn't really a conspiracy about her "fake" death, she, in her own sick and twisted way, was just trying to prove a point and prove that their really was a murderer. Oh and yes the house did write out the guest list. Remember when Prichard, (Kattan) says that, "There is a lot of energy in this house." So, although it seems almost impossible, the house was able to go through a phone line into the internet. Oh and Blackburn was not on the list, he just tagged along.

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