Do you think being rich is a major qualification for public office?

I live in the state of Oregon where a former NBA player named Chris Dudley is running for governor. He seems well spoken enough although I disagree with his politics. But, by his own admission, and his statement in the voters pamphlet, he has no prior government experience. Not city council, not mayor, not state representative. Straight to Governor. Really? Most polls have him tied with a fairly popular former governor who is running on the democratic side. His major job since retiring from the NBA has been managing his own money, and he used that experience to start a consulting company advising other rich people how to invest and avoid taxes. He went to Yale, made tons of money in the NBA, and now he wants to be governor; without having served in any other elected office - ever. Really?

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    No, but his degree from Yale, in Political Science and Economics, is pretty good... and his successful money management is important...

    He started a Foundation to help diabetic kids, but never started a consulting company... however, he was a VP for a financial wealth management company, and a partner (not a Founder) in a similar company as well.

    He also donated, during his NBA years, quite a bit of money to a non-profit to help pay the cost of college tuition for a class of fourth-graders at a Portland elementary school.

    I think heart, and brains, is more important than experience or money... at least in some positions, and he is an excellent candidate.

    Keep in mind, many folks are fed up with professional politicians...

    After 31+ years in Office, even Dr. Paul is a professional politician, and he is also a multi-millionaire.

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    4 years ago

    there is too lots possibility in case you enable particular human beings run for workplace. vast undesirable invoice could experience into city with a million,000 stallions, 500 black and 500 white. He and his men could serve a particularly rattling reliable barbeque and abruptly a million/2 of the West needs to vote for him. nicely it seems vast undesirable invoice hates a large form of human beings, and he commits extortion in a million/2 the city. Historians will inform you issues like this got here approximately lots yet they had relatively no longer.

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    1 decade ago

    Being able to purchase vast amounts of negative attack ads is a major qualification. So the candidate needs to either be wealthy or have the ability to raise large amounts of cash.

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    yea. same thing is happening here in Tenessee, the major issue of politics is money. if it wasnt then the country would not be in the shape it is in today, senators voting for the dollar some one pays

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    1 decade ago

    Why don't we be like other countries and have doctors, professors & common people elected to office? All these millionaires, as well as career politicians (Charlie Crist, i'm looking at you) are killing our Democracy/Republic.

    When i say doctors i don't mean millionaire doctors or CEOs, i mean doctors like Ron Paul.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need money to run a successful campaign. That's politics for ya!

  • 1 decade ago

    Being rich always puts you ahead.

    Damn rich people :\

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