cloth or disposable pros and cons?

My aunt started with cloth and switched to disposable she said she had less rashes this way. I am useing disposable but am thinking of switching to cloth. let me know what you use and why. what are some problems you have encountered. which cloth diapers do you like best ones with liners or total ones


to the first responses isn't cleaning a cloth diaper as nasty as wipeing your childs bum or washing clothes when the diaper leaks or your child vomits on themselves or you. I am seriously thinking of switching to cloth after 3 month of disposable i wasn't looking for immature comments

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    I switched to cloth when my baby was 3 months, as since birth she had a rash that would NOT go away no matter what I did. It would even bleed.

    As soon as i switched the rash went away.

    So I now use cloth exclusively due to my babys sensitive skin.

    I have a couple of all in ones, some prefolds, but mostly I have pockets and I prefer those. The prefolds are good because they are cheap, simple, and easy to wash + dry quickly.

    Pockets are great because they are easy to put on, and I just pull the insert out with a cloth wipe before putting them in to the diaper pail.

    I prefer pockets to the all in ones simply because all in ones take a long time to dry, and sometimes I find they tend to smell while my other diapers don't.

    I guess a problem I encountered would be the all in ones smelling, and that was fixed by a couple of rinse cycles in the washing machine.

    Cloth Pros

    - No garbage bags full of diapers to throw out

    - Soft against babies skin

    - Less diaper rash.

    - Retain their value. You can sell them for more than half of what you paid for after you are done with them.

    - Less leaks and blowouts

    - They are super cute

    - Can be used for other children

    - Don't have to stock up on diapers every time you go to the supermarket, or worry about running out.

    - Prevent tonnes of waste from heading to the landfill

    - May aid in potty training as baby can feel wetness

    Cloth Cons

    - Bulky

    - You need to find types that will work for you. A particular brand may have good reviews but it may not fit right for your baby. It is wise not to invest in a whole system before you try the diapers on your baby.

    - Initial cost may be large, but this varies depending on the types of cloth diapers you go for.

    Disposables Pros

    - No extra laundry

    - Super trim fit under clothes

    - Baby changed less often as disposables hold more

    Disposables Cons

    - More leaks and blowouts (from my experience)

    - My baby seems to be allergic

    - Smelly garbage that piles up

    - More expensive

    - Adds to landfill waste

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    9 years ago

    I LOVE Cloth!

    We made the switch at 3 months too!

    I use SoftBums, AMP's and Rump-a-Rooz. We also used BumGenius 3.0's for the first 16 months, ended up HATING THEM!

    I really like SoftBums because it's a One-Size, meaning they go from newborn up to potty training, but there is NO stuffing required!

    My son RARELY get's diaper rashes. Mostly if he's teething or had too many oranges. The reason your aunt may have encounted more rashes is she may have not been washing them properly or been using a detergent that irritated the baby. You do need to use a certain type of detergent, used Country Save detergent and it was like 6.99 a box! It's cheap and because you use less it lasts longer!

    You do have to do a few extra loads of laundry a week, but to me it's worth it! I do diapers in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Also, I find they stink LESS. My son uses disposables at night (huge heavy wetter!) and I can't wait to get that thing off him in the morning because I can smell all the chemicals and such! Makes me want to gag!

    I will add some poopy diapers can be quite nasty! We have a diaper sprayer we LOVE LOVE LOVE and could NOT do without it! (Other's say they don't use theirs, but we use ours A LOT!)

    A couple problems we encountered are some babysitters won't use them or don't like them. I have pocket diapers for them, they work very similar to disposables. But I rarely have my son at a baby sitters for longer than 3 hrs.

    Some times changing our son in public can get tricky, esp if he's pooped. I try and find a stall that has the change table in it and put the poop in the toilet and put the diaper in the wet bag. I also have a little 'travel tin' from Scentsy in my bag to cover up any lingering odors.

    After using cloth for about 20 months we are sure glad we made the switch and love them!!

    My advice, buy a couple different brands and find the ones YOU like and that work for your baby!

    I'm just going to add to Altrissa... Cloth diapers actually DON'T use more water than disposables. If you look up the fact, TONS and TONS of water is required to produce disposable diapers. Much LESS than washing cloth diapers!

    Read this article, I found it really neat!

  • Some people are just plain phobic about laundry, we have to excuse those people for being so terrified of the washing machine that it clouds their brains.

    I started doing cloth on the same reasoning you're using about them- if you have to wash clothes when you get a poo leak you may as well use nappies that you can wash too! It's saved us a heck of a lot of money (I started mainly due to an erratic income and a fear of running out of disposables with no money!).

    I've found they stink less, my son stopped getting rashes with them, they are so much CUTER, they save a LOT of money and you have an EMPTY bin on trash collection day! There's also the chemical factor- disposables contain a lot of chemicals that have been banned from other products because they are carcinogenic. With cloth you know EXACTLY what chemicals are touching your childs skin!

    The only real downsides is the learning just what works for you, and of course the added laundry.

    I enjoy the laundry, I find it's soothing and now that my son no longer tries to escape at nappy change time I have gone back to using the flat folds at home- folding them at the table with a cuppa beside you, a sleeping baby in the rocker and some music in the background is very relaxing. You just don't get that pleasure with the pockets!

    I used pockets when my son became mobile- holding them down to get a flat fold or prefold and cover on them when they hit this stage of development is literally a two person job! Pockets are super cute and when people first see them you have to do some pretty fast talking to convince them that YES, these are actually nappies. They're brilliant for on the go, just as easy as a disposable and no touching icky nappy disposal bins, or fighting to GET to the bin!

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    Disposable pros: No cleaning required. (I also use about 100 wipes per poopy bum so I don't have to touch poop.)

    Easy to take travelling.

    Use way less water than cloth.

    Disposable cons: Expensive in the long run. It costs me about $100/month for a 2 year old.

    Lots of garbage every week.

    Takes up space in the landfill.

    Personally I use disposable because I can't stand the thought of dealing with poop in my washing machine or having to rinse them in the toilet first. Also, I'm lazy.

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    Cloth pros:

    - cheaper in the long run

    - MUCH better for the environment

    - better for your baby- doesn't have nasty chemicals in the material

    - nicer for your baby- wouldn't you prefer cloth material on your bum than itchy paper??

    Cloth cons:

    - takes time to wash and dry

    - you have to wash poop

    I would recommend that you look up cloth diaper reviews on youtube, there are many videos about the pros and cons of both types, and reviews on the types of cloth diaper to use if you do decide to switch

    Hope this helps you!

    Source(s): youtube knowledge
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    absolutely cloth, and not the expensive ones that have liners or AIO's. plain old Indian or Chinese prefolds, hooked with a snappi, and with a thirsties cover. just as easy as disposable, way cuter, way cheaper. only cons i have found is that you need a bigger diaper bag to transport, and you have to remember not to use too much soap or it can build up in the diapers. and i have had way less leaks with cloth than with disposable.

  • Andy
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    9 years ago

    I doubt that switching had anything to do with the amount of rashes contracted but my mom used both on my oldest brother,and says when they came out with disposables she never went back.

    She testifies that they're more convenient and not as gross to wash...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hehehe Disposable all the way! Because washing is nasty! And leaking is less frequent.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    disposable all the way! have no need to clean it. cleaning it is nasty as hell.

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