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What are 5 major physical features of Slovakia?

I need to do this for a project. " Identify and label five major physical features on a map of Slovakia"

I've looked everywhere and I've only found 2! :(

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    1) The Danube River along the southern border

    2) The High Tatras, a mountain range on the border with Poland

    3) The Vah valley, a river valley in the northwest and north of the country containing the cities of Zilina and Martin and the town of Trencin

    4) The Danubian Lowlands, in the southwest of the country - this is part of the Pannonian Plain, which covers much of central Europe

    5) The Dukla Pass is one of Europe's most important mountain passes. it lies on the borders of Slovakia and Poland, close to the boundary with Ukraine

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    Slovakia Physical Features

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    I need this for a project

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