us elected catholic official demonstrates COURAGE after1956?

not appointed, must be an ELECTED official. sometime after 1956. I want to get some names of CATHOLIC politicians...or some other religion, because im brainstorming about politicians who have risked losing an election to stand up for their religious beliefs.

beliefs not as in belief in abortion or against moral standings, because this is from a religious view point only.

thank you!


oops forgot to mention that i can't use any of the presidents, no Supreme Court Justices and the Attorney General of the United States; the fourteen Secretaries that make up the President's Cabinet in the White House; no kennedy's. i dont make up the rules, just oblige.

Update 2:

im just looking for a loophole. i did a lot of research and it seemed like a dead end idea considering jfk's moto seemed to be “It is important to maintain the separation of church and state.” and many of the politicians seem to abide by it!

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    jfk roman catholic 80% of presidents were prodistines some say eisenhower was a jew

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