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Discharge Every Day All The Time?

I Get My Discharge ALL THE TIME sometimes im walking down the hallways and i feel it dripping its so uncomfortable and i have to change my underwear like 4 times a day sometimes it has a slight smell but only once in a while. i tried wearing a pad but its way to uncomfortable to me i just pack extra panties but is this like a infection or maybe genetic im little to scared to ask my mum but idk? is this normal anyone else have this happen to them?


no i havent had my period yet thank god to its not something to look foward to ive heard

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    Personally I didnt but my daughter did. Everytime I did laundry I noticed it. Try wearing a pantyliner it is thinner than a pad and a little more comfortable. Having discharge just means you are a little closer to starting your period. I think you should tell your mom though so she can get you the pantyliners. And if you want though you can wear pads. Yes they may be uncomfortable but you will need to get use to them when you start your period. Good luck.

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    Depends what kind of discharge; if its clear or white, it's probably fine. If it's green or yellow though, or if it smells funny, you could have an infection. I had BV once, and with that came a lot of discharge. You're obviously young so you probably haven't seen a gyno yet, so I'd talk to your mom about it- women go through this all the time so it's nothing to be embarrassed about! And seriously, no one on Yahoo is going to really going to be able to tell what is going on, so you DO need to have someone real to talk to!

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    I presume you are around 13 years old? if so have you started your periods yet and if not that could be why you are getting this, speak to your mum that is what she is there for, it could be ok but could be an infection or bladder problem.

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    Nicole gave u the best answer

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