I want to hook an extra phone up in the house?

At my old house I added phone lines as I need them. When I moved here I tried and the main phone will not work. I sit right outside by the junction and first I tried to just plug the wires into an extra opening. That didn't work. Then I tried to run a Parallel line to the existing line and that didn't work. Then I just get a busy signal when I sit outside and use my cell phone to call the house. Then I opened the other side of the box and hooked to the main line coming in, that also didn't work. When I tried to call the house on my cell phone the line was busy all the time. When the phone man was here he said he didn't like the new junction boxes. It seemed easy enough to look at it, they leave like 5 opening for new lines, but when I hook to one the house phone will not work. Are there any telephone installers out there who might help me? Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have had those kinds of problems, but my phone company, came out and moved my badly placed phone plug, to another location. Free of charge.

    I would call your Phone Company again, and hopefully, get some better qualified installer.

    You really only need one outlet these days, and then buy a wireless phone and extensions, which go from two to three extra handsets.

    It seems, that somehow, your incoming connection are bad. Either from the pole or your junction box.

    Last time I had phone problems, it took the phone guy, a while to trace the fault, ( lots of static ) and it ended up as a loose wire in a box, a few hundred feet from my home.

    You are paying the phone company, money for a service, it's up to them, to provide that service.

    I'm with ATT. and so far, when I have had a problem, they have sent someone out to fix it.

    You will only be charged, if the problem is in your inside wiring. If it is outside your home, then they do it for free.

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