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Does anyone have the cluesto OutWit Clue # 16-20?

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    #16: Cawker City (DO NOT put down Cawker City, Kansas, or Cawker City, KS. You will be counted wrong if you add the state. I have had it happen to me more than once. Stick with: Cawker City

    #17 - Cheyenne

    UP 844 is a beautiful site. Check out video on YouTube:


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    #18 - Boulder - Colorado Univ students are referred to as "the Herd"; their colors are silver and gold.

    #19 - Snake Row - Nickname of plaza, or main street in early wild west Ellsworth, KS

    Had a railroad track running down the center of the street.

    #20 - May 6, 2010

    I've seen lots of theories, but everything comes back to May 6 for me no matter how I calculate it.

    There was a meteor shower of the Eta Aquarids on May 5-6

    http://www.theskyscrapers.org/meteors/, even though it wasn't as fantastic as the one one August 12.

    There are a lot of calendars out there, but the one from the U.S. Naval Observatory should be correct:


    This is too scary. Can this week have been so simple?

    Yes, Slick Deals had it early, but I never check other sources until I work on the answers myself.

    I always do my own investigating first, then check to see if my answers match up.

    I like to do my own research. Getting all my answers from somebody else is no fun.

    Someone on another site thought another town more likely than Ellsworth, Kansas for the town with the plaza on #19. Here was my answer:

    And #19 is DEFINITELY Snake Row.

    Remember, the question mentions "both sides of the tracks". There were railroad tracks running down the middle of "Snake Row", the main street in Ellsworth, Kansas. Take a look at this site.


    Here's a quote from it:

    " Because of the flood of June, the town created a "New Addition to Ellsworth" two miles northwest of the original townsite. The town had a North Main Street and South Main Street on opposite sides of the new railroad tracks; the space in-between was known as the Plaza. Businesses were established on both Main Streets, and this area was later referred to as 'Snake Row'."

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    16. Cawker City, Kansas

    17. Cheyenne

    18. Boulder

    19. Snake Row

    20. May 6, 2010

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