where online can i watch a honk kong drama called "Ups and down in the sea of love" with english subtitles?

the main characters are maggie and nick cheung

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    Oh I remember this one, it's pretty old.

    I don't know where you can watch it, but you can go check http://www.mysoju.com/ to see if they have it? :] Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    I very generally use DramaFever. I do have a paid account, in spite of the undeniable fact which you do no longer prefer one to video exhibit the dramas on there. You do prefer it nevertheless in case you have a Roku and watch it on your television this is what I do. yet another sturdy internet site is Viki. I continually watch Viki if the drama isn't on dramafever. Their app is likewise very available in case you get a ok-drama yearning once you're out & approximately. they have all varieties of dramas from international extensive. There are some provides throughout the video clips on the two web pages (except you have a paid account on DramaFever) however the video high quality is sturdy. there is likewise a marginally super determination on the two web pages. i've got by no potential gotten a pandemic from the two one once you're aggravating approximately that. On yet another be conscious, I used to apply Crunchyroll, yet their determination became slightly.... crappy, and that i could no longer watch the excellent drama of rarely something. you're able to be able to like it nevertheless, who's conscious. sturdy Dramas... i like right here, -Paradise Ranch (stunning and humorous) -close Up Flower Boy Band (slightly unhappy, yet universal humorous and relaxing) -Rooftop Prince (stunning and humorous) -safeguard the Boss (stunning & humorous) -city Hunter (relatively effective action drama.) -i'm Sorry i like You (unhappy and not as cutesy through fact the others, besides the fact that it became the 1st actual drama I ever watched.) -deceive Me (stunning and a snort. i chanced on it incredibly romantic) -who're You? (unhappy yet hilarious) i ought to circulate on and on approximately sturdy dramas, yet i will supply up there. Hahaha. i'm hoping my answer helped, and robust good fortune looking what you prefer.

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