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Diagnosing in HPV test was negative, why?

Hi expert urologist, gynecologist:

I would appreciate an answer only experts or people who know the topic please.

A month ago I went to the urologist because my ex-girlfriend told me she had HPV, made 5 years we ended the relationship and since then I had not gone to be with anyone else.

Now do two years that I have a new partner. She went to visit the gynecologist (first time) on 30 August, and according to it, he found a warts (total 3) in the vagina. On september 1st he proceeded to cauterize them without giving any evidence before it (call Pap , cytology or colposcopy etc). So I suggested my gilfriend to change her gynecologist and also I proceeded to visit a urologist as well and he examined me. Although I have never had visible injuries, the urologist gave me a peniscopy and a biopsy of the penis resulting in: HPV positive.

As my partner is concerned, she visited the new gynecologist and told him what happened on the cauterization (By then my results even peniscopy biopsy and were not ready yet) and he ask her to make hybrid capture test HPV DNA in high and low risk, which was made on October 12th but the diagnosis of it was delivered yesterday October 26th to be negative for malignant types and venignos. Said the result was considered positive if the RLU (relative light unit) gave a value greater than or equal to 1, which for high-risk types gave a value of 0.54 RLU, conluding a negative result, and for the low-risk was of 0.26 RLU given the result also negative, which for me is an excellent news. Now I'm positive in test and she negative. Let me clarify, I've only been with her in the last two years and I was the only person in her love life. Since 8 months ago we are having intercourse, and of course, is not frequent, once a month or once every two or three months.

The gynecologist says she can get the vaccine against HPV, which do you think about it?

What I forgot to ask her gynecologist if we can have sex without protection or how long I wait, what do you think?

As to my respect, it is recommended that I return to the urologist and let me deeper than other study serves to identify the type of strain of hpv that I have? If so, what study you would recommend? And the urologist instructed me to use a cream called Efudix and I only need one week to complete the treatment.

Is not efficient hybridization test was done to her or penis biopsy did to me?

Can she get warts again in the future?

I think something is wrong. Must be a failure in one of us. You, who have experience in these matters, could please explain me or give me some guideline to follow?

Sorry for my bad english, I'm in learnig process.

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    Not sure what country you are from… what a great doctor in doing your peniscopy with biopsy… it is rarely done here in the US.

    I am not a gynecologist or a urologist.

    Here is some information for you regarding the HPV test.

    The Pap test is a sampling of cells of the cervix only…it doesn’t include cells of the outer genital area such as the vulva or vaginal area. Pap testing is not always indicated after a visible wart is found. A visual wart is all that is needed in the diagnosis of genital warts.

    I have used Efudix also called 5 FU as follow up after a high grade lesion was removed from my vulva. The lesion has not returned. Efudix can cause severe irritation…probably not in the once a week treatment plan. Did the doctor tell you to use the cream on the entire penis. If not try to coat areas not getting the cream with a diaper rash ointment…using Epsom salt baths if irritation occurs.

    The Hybrid Capture high risk HPV test screens for HPV type and the low risk HPV test screen for. They are about 40 HPV type so this test does not screen for all genital HPV type.

    There are more than 40 HPV types that can infect the genital areas of males and females.

    Here is some information also.

    Negative assay results do not completely rule out the presence of

    HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, or 68,

    particularly at very low concentrations.

    This is the link for the high risk HPV test it will give you more information on the limitations of the test and the

    If you have already engaged in sex then your girlfriend probably already shares your HPV type. The visible presence of genital warts does confirm that she already has the virus. Both of you share your HPV type. Many men and women acquire HPV with no visible lesion or abnormal cell changes. She could show the virus on her cervix later…but she may not. Condoms can help in the regression of the virus….even though she had treatment to remove the visual manifestation of the virus her body’s immune system may have not started building it natural defense. This natural defense to the acquired HPV usually acquire in a year or so. There is a small risk that she may show visible warts again…but she may not.

    Gardasil prevents 4 genital HPV types’ two low risk HPV types 6 and 11 that cause 90% of visible warts and two high risk HPV types 16 and 18 that have been found in 70% of cervical cancers. Cervarix prevents two high risk HPV type 16 and 18. I am not sure which vaccine is used in your country. Neither vaccine can prevent an HPV type she may have already been exposed to, nor does either vaccine treat an HPV infection. She may receive some benefits in getting the vaccine. This will be a decision that you and she will make together.

    Most HPV infections do not cause lifelong problems and do not progress to cancers. Routine Pap testing helps prevent most all cervical cancers.

    Nothing is probably wrong there are just limits with the HPV test.

    If you would like follow up with the urologist in a year for just an acetic wash of the penis…this will show any lesions that you may still have. Most men do build immunity to their acquired HPV in a year or so also. There is no need to over treat when there is no visible lesion….your body’s immune system will start fighting the virus.

    There is no treatment for the virus. You and your partner will not ping pong the virus back and forth. Once you and she are comfortable with the knowledge you have acquired about the virus and are comfortable in having sex again….just use condoms for about six months. Condoms are not needed forever just giving the body a bit of extra time in the fight of the virus. Two health adults should fight the virus with no problems. Two people that love each other should not let HPV come between the love they share.

    I wish you both well.

    When one partner has HPV lesions caused by a particular virus type, it is most likely that the other partner shares the same virus type, although this is often impossible to prove. Several studies indicate that "shared HPV" does not "ping-pong" back and forth. There is evidence that using condoms may decrease the viral exposure and speed the clearance of HPV related disease. The decreased viral load may allow the individual's own immune system a better chance of eliminating the virus.

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