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NHL relocation.................................?

Here's the deal.

You've been awarded the 31st Nhl Franchise.

1. Decide where to put your team. Gary says it cannot be overseas. Only in North America

2. What is the team name?

3.Colors of Jerseys?

4.Who's the Coach

5.The Lineup

Have fun.

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    1. Portland, Oregon. Most viable economic climate north of the mason dixon line. Unlike Seattle, it does not practically neighbor an existing NHL franchise and therefore there would be no infringement upon an existing NHL fanbase.

    2. The Oregon Falling Redwoods. Get the frick out of the way or youre gonna get crushed.

    3. Red, Green and Grey.

    Red for the wood, Green for the foliage, Grey for the perpetually-overcast skies of the Pacific Northwest.

    4. If I may take any coach? Mike Babcock for sure.


    My players:

    OL1: Brad Richards (Captain), Ales Hemsky, Alex Semin

    OL2: David Krejci, Jiri Hudler, Matt Duchene

    DL1: Zach Bogosian, Brent Seabrook

    DL2: Dustin Byfuglien, Niklas Kronwall

    G: Jimmy Howard, Tuukka Rask

    None of these players wear the "C" and none of them are locked up its a viable roster.

    My mascot would be Timbear. Get it? Timber + Bear? Im impressed with my wit today...its sharp like a Chicago Blackhawks forward. His garb would be not unlike that of Smokey the Bear. His motto?

    "Only YOU can prevent the franchise from folding and moving to Hamilton or Mississauga."

    I just wanted to include that since I took the time to come up with it.

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    New Orleans, because that's where I live, and I miss hockey

    New Orleans Brass (yeah, I know, it's not original, but "Hurricanes" are taken, and music is a major part of the city's culture). Mascots would be a Crawfish playing a trumpet, and a Pelican (state bird)

    Colors would be Green, Purple, and Gold (colors of Mardi Gras).

    Home jersey: Green base, with gold sleeves and purple striping and lettering, purple pants

    Away jersey: White, with green sleeves, Purple lettering, and gold pants

    Alternate: Purple jerseys, with gold and green striping, and gold pants

    -all three jerseys will have collars that look like Mardi Gras beads

    Logo: A trombone, with a hockey stick for a slide

    Shoulder Logo: "NOLA" printed on a hockey playing crawfish

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    how soe si it work?

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