Ramadan : Are you a stranger?

Assalaamu alaykum (:

Prophet(s.a.w) said : Islam began as something strange, and it will return to being strange as it begun. So toobaa (something good) is for the strangers. (Sahih Muslim)

Prophet (s.a.w) said : "It was said, "who are they (Strangers) Messenger of Allah?" for which He (S.a.w) replied, "Those who rectify when people have become corrupt" (A saheeh hadith reported in Ahmad and at-tabaraane)

Others have transmitted with the following words, in which he (S.a.w) said, "They are those who flee from trials (Fitan) for the sake of their religion".

How often do non muslims find Islam as something weird, and muslims as strangers? Yet sometimes muslims want to 'mix in' and become moderate (as they call it) and leave their religion.

What is our life worth it, if its not for Islam?

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    Glad tidings for the strangers - Nouman Ali Khan (who are they?)


    Today you can, Tomorrow you Cannot by Nouman Ali Khan (advise for strangers)


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    Our Future as American Muslims by Noman Ali khan (a bigger and better understanding of ur role in this world)


    154 sayings of Hazrat Ali R.A.



    this is too personal a question.

    the above vids succinctly describe my situation.

    watch then in the order given.

    Remember us in your prayers.

    Source(s): coooooooooooooooooool fundamentalist says: Wa Alaikum Assalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
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    So how would you define a 'moderate' Muslim?

    Are Muslims considered stray aways if they tolerate other faiths and live peacefully with each other?

    Are the true Muslims those who seek adversities with people of other beliefs?

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    And yes I agree, our life is worthless without Islam! Honestly, I am constantly thinking about how meaningless this life is without religion. If you really don't have Islam, and Allah to depend on, your life is nothing but anxiety and depression.

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    illama iqubal in his book zarb-e-qleem has said that do not talk of peace when your nation is in slavery. to get out of slavery you must fight with your strength of arms.

    today we are living lives as slaves and yet we talk of "aman ki asha" there is no hope of peace unless there is assured justice.

    "revolt. it is better than writing for revolution " (muhammad ahmad siddiqui :P)


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    Thanks for sharing.

    Source(s): We walk alone In the unknown We live to win another victory We are the young Dying sons We live to change the face of history so be afraid It's the price we pay The only easy day was yesterday So hear our voice, We have a choice, It's time to face it We are one We are one We are one We will stand together Number one Number one The chosen ones We are one We are one we will fight forever we are one and we won't tire.
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    may Allah reward you for sharing

  • please listen to ghuraba nasheed on youtube its reli nyc sory cnt post link im on my fne

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