Why are so many Americans against gun control?

I understand guns don't kill people, people kill people, but guns make it much easier. You stand a better chance at defending yourself against a knife. Do you think as many mass killings could happen where one or two people kill multiple people, if they didn't have guns? The person is making the choice to kill, but they are using the gun, an efficient and effective weapon, to do it. If guns were completely banned, yes there would still be guns out there but a lot fewer, and it would be more difficult for people to get them, resulting in less gun violence. And to get the guns that are already out there the government can do just like Chicago did, and do a period of offering cash for people to turn in guns. The majority of gun related crimes, involve guns that were at one time or another licensed. If there were no more licensed guns, it would be way harder for people to get them. Many people buy guns illegally on the street, but that gun got out on the street somehow. At one point in time that weapon probably was purchased legally. We need to make it so there is no longer a way to purchase a weapon legally. There is no need for citizens to have guns. It is not a means of defense. Cases where people actually successfully defend themselves from a crime with a gun, is so few compared to ones who don't, makes it a joke to call it a means of defense. And guns don't deter criminals from going after people. How many of you actually believe that a rapist would even think twice about whether a woman is carrying a gun before he decides to grab her? If you are afraid of a burglar breaking into your house, use the gun money to get an alarm system. The sound of it going off alone may send the criminal running, mine has and I don't even have it activated to contact the police. As for using guns for sport, what is the purpose of going around and shooting innocent animals for fun? And people in favor of allowing concealed carry just leave me speechless. Just think about the number of people who get killed involving things like road rage. Don't you think a death is much more likely to occur if people are legally allowed to carry guns with them? And all the arguments people get into, spouses caught cheating, if people are just packing guns they are way more likely to pull it out and hurt someone. And people are always saying the constitution says we have the right to keep and bear arms. The constitution was written at a time when things were a lot different. Come on people, at the time it was legal to own another person and beat them like they were an animal. Amendments can be repealed, especially if it is for the greater good like saving lives. So, many laws in this country have been changed. Why? Because society changes over time. At one time segregation, slavery, and discriminating against women were all legal and now their not. What would this country be like now, if everyone just kept saying I can keep making black people sit at the back of the bus because the law says it's okay? Sometimes laws need to be looked at again, just as the second amendment does. The constitution is supposed to protect us. Allowing people to walk around carrying guns is not protection.

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  • Mike K
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    9 years ago
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    Some thoughts; I have mixed feelings on this:

    1) I live in Canada. It is hard to understand gun control as it is very different from state to state. Some are so liberal compared to my country but other states are much tougher.

    2) Certain weapons should be restricted or prohibited. Your right to bear arms was legislated when it took over 30 seconds to load and squeeze off a round for an average person - not 600 -1200 rounds a minute.

    3) Outright banning guns or taking certain models away when some lunatic kills a group of people is only a placebo effect to placate the masses. I get fed up in my country when the gun is always blamed for the death of people but their status here, lousy backgrounds or bad behavior is not. For example, CBC did a big history of a handgun that got from South Carolina to Toronto, Ontario . It eventually killed an 8 year old Jamaican immigrant in an apartment. The program only focused on the gun and didn't ask how the mother and him were admitted to Canada in the first place given their qualifications, why she had to fall in love and live with a drug dealer and set up her own environment for trouble.

    In countries like Colombia and Mexico, they have very Draconian gun laws where you can get 3 - 10 years just for possession of an unregistered one but...

    4) Most criminals here do not carry firearms when breaking and entering but if they all knew homes were armed to the teeth, they would likely as not also be armed, locked, loaded and ready when entering a dwelling and pop of the owner shooting first and questioning later.

    5) Finally with governments you do have to be careful when letting them bring in new anti - gun legislation. Experience here in Canada has taught some of us that if you give them an inch they will take a mile and all their decisions are often on emotion as opposed to logic and common sense.


    Michael Kelly

    • Ryan4 years agoReport

      your 2nd point is completely dismantled with that of repeating rifles such as the Girandoni Rifle (developed in 1780 with a 20 round magazine able to fire ~30 rounds as fast as the shooter can squeeze the trigger before needing a new air tank or the air tank being refilled)

  • 9 years ago

    Your detailed post has a detailed answer that's already been given here on Yahoo answers. I invite you to visit the following Yahoo answers page listed as my "source". The heart of your argument is that "the government can do (gun control)". You are saying that the government is somehow morally superior to you and therefore the government's police/army can have guns while you cannot. May I remind you that in a democracy, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Whatever powers the government have are granted by us. We are supposed to have more power than the government. That is the premise of democracy. That's why there is the right to bear arms in the Constitution. 200 years ago, the gun was the "weapon of mass destruction" and the constitution says that "we the people" are allowed to have the most powerful weapon of its day. Yes, "society changes over time", but if the constitution were written today, what do you think is the most powerful weapon of our modern age? You should be thankful that the constitution is outdated.

    You might be surprised to find that the constitution's 2nd Amendment not only makes a powerful statement about democracy, but it is also a last ditch against tyranny. The fact remains that genocide is the world's biggest preventable cause of death. I work with a co-worker who's from Africa. When I asked him what he thought about America compared to his native Africa, he said, "America is a miracle." "What do you mean," I inquired. He then explains that his first job in America was a camp counselor for children and part of his job was to make sure kids shoot guns safely. He could not believe that America is so free that children are allowed to shoot real guns. He then tearfully recounted how his wife and kids were brutally raped and butchered by government genocide. The killers were just a rag tag group of six teens. Power corrupts. That's why there must be checks and balances against tyranny by ensuring that the ultimate power rests in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE, not a corrupt government.

  • Beth
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    4 years ago

    I have many guns got my first BB gun when I was 3 my first 4-10 when I was 8.. so on and so forth have 8 that I can truly call mine (and a compound bow.. 9 if you count it) I have no problems with guns and think everyone should be educated on their proper use. But I also don't think JQ Felon down the street should be able to walk down to the local pawn shop and buy a pistol. And last I checked no one needed a Howitzer on the back of their Jeep. I'm for reasonable gun control

  • 9 years ago

    Yes you are right that time and society change overtime and law need to be updated and changed to be relevant for the present. There are too much violence and any move and action to curb thus and make the common place more peaceful should be lauded. The move towards gun control is a case in point. Lately there has been too many cases of mad rage of mass killing involving gun. Such crime must be stopped if not prevented. This can only be achieved through the changes and implementation of laws. For those in America who oppose any law design at gun control and yet agonise over yet another gun rage killing must realise that they cannot have their cake and eat it too.

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  • tom
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    9 years ago

    The US has a murder rate that is four times higher than the murder rate in the UK. Four times.

    Three fourths of that murder rate in the US is gun murder, one quarter is non-gun murder.

    So the non-gun murder in the US is the same as the murder rate in the UK.

    So you're allowed a gun in the US, but does it make you safer? Many will go on about how you can prevent rape and things like that. Self defence!!! But gun states like texas have a much higher rape rate than states which restrict guns more. Go figure. Maybe men with guns are more likely to commit rape because they have a power trip thing going on, i don't know.

    The constitution does NOT allow people to walk around armed. It does not and has never protected the carrying of guns.

    The amendment begins with "A well regulated militia", so what do you think this amendment is going to be about, go on, have a guess, yeah, you're right, it's about the militia. The militia is there for the security of the free state. In order to gain this you have individuals with the right to keep and bear arms.

    Keep is simple, it means to own a gun. The US govt cannot prevent you from having a gun, and why? SImple answer is the militia needs guns, so individuals are protected so the militia will have a ready supply of arms.

    But guns are useless on their own. Guns don't kill people, they don't start wars, they don't take over governments. So a militia with a massive stockpile of weapons and nothing else is useless. So what do you need? Yes, you need personnel. So that is the right to bear arms. It was also said to be "render military service". This was used as a synonym for "bear arms" by the founding fathers in congress during the debates on the future 2A. But people conveniently ignore this.

    Washington said bear arms was the same thing. The right to be in the militia, this is similar to the right to be on a jury, it is a civic duty protected.

    The right have tried to change the meaning, but the reality is that it stops the US govt destroying the militia by safeguarding the individual right to help the militia out!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    have u seen bowling for columbine

    well u need to watch it!

    quite frankly you will be amazed to see that canada have just as many guns compared to population

    yet only a dozen murders or so throughout the whlole country each year

    america has a purpose to scare people in to killing one another

    all the violence u see on the news

    24 hour cop shows

    gun and alcohol stores next to each other

    the american goverment is the real issue, everythn is war, everythn has to be a fight

    real messed up country, i hope to god the uk dosent get that like that

    Source(s): have u seen bowling for columbine well u need to watch it! quite frankly you will be amazed to see that canada have just as many guns compared to population yet only a dozen murders or so throughout the whlole country each year america has a purpose to scare people in to killing one another all the violence u see on the news 24 hour cop shows gun and alcohol stores next to each other the american goverment is the real issue, everythn is war, everythn has to be a fight real messed up country, i hope to god the uk dosent get that like that
  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Criminals are going to have guns wether it's illegal or not. So having responsible people walking around with guns is helping keep the criminals from harming us. Because if the criminals are the only ones with guns, we're screwed. And the constitution allows us to defend our selves, guns just happen to be the best way to do that. Please let me know if you discover a better way to defend yourself than responsably and legally carrying a firearm.

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