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Pet Passports and the EU Pet Travel Scheme

A European ‘Pet Passport’ allows movement of dogs,cats and ferrets within the European Union (EU) and also between other approved countries. Under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) a passport permits the re-entry of animals into the UK without quarantine,via approved routes, provided that blood tests show adequate rabies antibody titres following vaccination(see below). The actual countries and routes covered

By PETS are subject to change; for the most up-to-date information the Department for the Environment,Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) website should be consulted.

  Although there has been an increases interest in Owners taking their pets on holiday with them due to relaxation in quarantine requirements, quarantine still remains the most efficient barrier to rabies and exotic diseases (see ‘Risks of exotic diseases’, below) that are not seen in the UK. Many of these diseases are

transmitted by biting insects and ticks and can pose significant health risks to travelling pets, their owners and the UK disease status as a whole.An EU Pet Passport can be issued for any animal(dogs, cats, ferrets) that has been microchipped (Figure2.25) or is tattooed (to give unique identity) and is vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination must take place after the microchip has been implanted (or, if already microchipped, after scanning).The EU passport allows entry into most EU Countries, and other approved countries, currently 21Days after rabies vaccination. If the animal is required to return to the UK, a blood test will be required, usually

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    由蚊蟲叮咬傳染和扁蝨,可造成重大健康風險旅遊的寵物,它們的主人和英國的疾病狀況作為 whole.An歐盟寵物護照可發出任何動物(狗,貓,雪貂)已植入芯片(圖 2 .25)或刺青(給唯一的標識),並接種了狂犬病。接種後必須進行的這種芯片被植入(或者,如果已經植入晶片,經過掃描)。歐盟護照允許進入大多數歐盟國家,以及其他經批准的國家,目前21天之後,狂犬病疫苗注射。如果動物必須返回英國,一種血液測試將被要求,通常

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