I think he is just a flirty guy...but idk.?

okay..well i have this guy friend who is a major flirt...we text all the time:) and he constanly asks me to make out with him..but in a joking way....i kind of like him as more than friends though. when we are together in real life he hugs me alot and does normal guy stuff..like touching my butt jokingly...he texts my other friend the same way....so i know he isnt singling out me....idk. how i would lead him on into liking me as more than a friend if he is already such a big flirt with all the girls...and i already flirt back too...so its normal...idk..plz help:) oh..and sry the weird typing...i am on my phone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You answered your problem yourself "I have this guy friend who is a MAJOR FLIRT"

    He is playing with you. To him you are like everybody else so don't fall for it, sweety. Trust me. Guys flirt alot and make girls think about them. They would make you fall for them and then after that, they would leave you and move on to another girl, it's like a cycle.

    I dont single out that all men are like that. But when you fall for him - good luck.

    He only wants to make out with you. Be smart, girl. Be smart and witty.

    If you flirt too much, he'll think that you are his and that you are just an easy 'target'.

    So.....be smart girl....

    don't be dumb like other girls out there easily falls for guys who just says they are cute. C'mon! Be witty because this is reality.

    Just find someone better. I know it sounds cruel, but you'll end up getting hurt.

    Reality, people.

    Source(s): life and experience
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