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Should I vote for John Kitzhaber (D-I) or Chris Dudley (R) for the Governors Race in Oregon?

I am a social liberall and hold conservative views on fiscal and economic policies. Which candidate should I vote for? Originally, I was going to vote for the candidate that supports measure 74 (Marijuana Dispensaries) but both of them ended up opposing the measure. Although, the Democratic Party of Oregon supports it. Anyway, they both said they support medical marijuana. So, they both gave similar answers and this means I will have to choose between them for other reasons than marijuana. Who do you think I should vote for and why?

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    Well in my mind Democrats are the lesser of two misguided political parties. Every once in a while they get something right so we don't have to suffer as much as we do after 8 years of Republican craziness. Voting is a responsibility and just because you want to see Marijuana legalized shouldn't cause you to vote for one or the other. The other issues count too. what are they? Find out. If you can find at least 5 issues you agree with them for them...even if they are Republican. Personally, I have no faith in either party at the moment but I vote Democratic cause I always suffer less.

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    Honestly, you should really make this up for yourself.

    It would be better for you as a person.

    Just sayin'

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    Since you are posting on Yahoo answers to see who you should vote for, YOU SHOULD NOT VOTE AT ALL. PLEASE.

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    vote for the Republican - always.

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