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Taylor Swift Speak Now?

can you tell me who/what the secret meaning in each song is. Like story of us & dear John is about John Mayer. Thanks!

P.S. if you pray will u pray for my friend he is getting a bone marrow transplant in a few months and he has been sick for a while he just got out a comma about 3 weeks ago. Also once they are done with the transplant her will have to stay in the hospital for at least 2 months. Thanks so much.

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    Dear John - John Mayer

    Back to December - Taylor Lautner

    Better than Revenge - Camilla Belle

    Last Kiss - Joe Jonas

    Long Live - Her Band and everyone who supports her

    Never grow up - Herself

    Innocent - Kanye West

    Enchanted - Adam Young

    Mean - Bob Lefsetz (a blogger who was a big fan but started being really mean on his website)

    Story of Us - John Mayer

    Mine - Toby Hemingway (I don't believe that though because he was IN the video and she didn't even know him when she wrote the song. But, the message in the album booklet says TOBY in mine so... I dunno)

    I am praying for your friend :)

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