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Miami can have the "Big Three"?

Steal our phrase bxtches , but Beantown has the Fantastic 4

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    ONE OF THE BIG THREE Lebron aka (Alex Rodriguez) No Clutch

    Second of the big three a superstar in TORONTO (Bosch)

    Third of the big three a true superstar (wade)

    The small nine NOTHING

    No true point guard, no center, no bench only two players out of the small nine Haslem and House

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    This was a hard game; because, both team has been my favorite teams in the east for awhile. I really liked the Heats when they had Shaq back then and last year I wanted the Celtics to beat the Lakers. What I do not understand was how everyone was hating Heat for getting these two guys to play with Wade when Pierce was much like Wade when they picked up KG and Ray? I went nuts when the Boston Big Three first came to play together. Much like then I was ecstatic when I saw Wade got both James and Bosh!

    Fantastic 4? That's clever but what I want to know is; are the Celtics mad when the Heats picked up James and Bosh? Boston has a huge team and most players can be a starter in another team. It was a good win for them; but the Heats are still finding themselves and if they do, watch out!

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    I think the celtics got the Power Rangers on them because they got 5 now with Shaq and Rondo

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    Actually, the Spurs was the first to have the big 3, Duncan, Ginobili, Parker.

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    so true., Rondo had so many assists - as many as all of Miami!

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    What?!?!?!?!?!? just know miami is the greatest

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    Go Lakers! You both suck!

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