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How many words can you make up of the word environmentalist?

NO NAMES OR PLACES. how many can you think of? like not the # the words

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    a, aerie, ail, aileron, aisle, ale, alee, aler, ales, alien, alist, alit, alive, alter, am, amen, amir, amirs, an, anent, anile, anime, anion, ant, ants, anvil, aril, arils, arise, arose, arisen, arson, art, as, asterile, astern, at, atilt, attire, aver, avers, averse, avert, averts,

    ear, earn, earnest, ears, earns, ease, easel, easer, eave, elate, elates, elevation, elevations, elevator, elevators, else, elver, elvers, emir, emirs, emit, emits, emote, emoter, emoters, emotes, ensile, entail, entails, enter, enters, entertain, entertains, entrails, environs, era, eral, eras, ere, erne, ester, even, event, ever, evert, evil, evils,

    in, inmate, inner, insane, inseam, insert, inset, inter, interest, intermit, inters, intern, internal, internist, interns, intromit, inversion, invert, invest, investor, invite, invites, ion, iron, irons, is, isle, islet, isn't, it, its (it's),

    lain, lair, lame, lames, lament, laments, lane, lanes, last, late, latter, lean, leans, least, leave, leaves, lei, lemon, lemons, lens, lent, let, lets (let's), lever, levers, lien, lies, lime, limes, limo, limos, line, lines, lino, lint, lire, list, lit, live, lives, liver, livers, loiter, lore, lorn, lost, lot, lots, love, lover, loves

    ma, maestro, mail, main, male, males, malt, maltier, malts, man, mane, manes, manse, mansion, mar, mare, marl, marlin, mars, mares, marten, martens, marvel, marvels, mason, mast, master, mat, mats, mate, mates, matins, matte, matter, matters, maven, mavens, meal, meals, mean, means, meant, melon, melons, melt, melton, melts, men, menial, menials, mental, mention, mentions, mere, merit, merits, met, metal, metals, metier, mettle, mien, mile, miles, mine, mines, minister, mint, mints, mire, mires, mist, mister, mite, mites, moan, moans, mole, moles, molt, molts, moral, morale, moralist, morals, more, mores, mortal, mortals, most, mote, motes, move, moves, mover, movers, movie, movies,

    nail, nails, naive, name, nares, nastier, nation, nations, nave, navel, neat, neaten, neatens, nene, nerve, nest, nestle, net, nettle, nets, never, nine, nines, nit, no, none, nonet, nor, normal, nose, nosier, not, note, novel, novelist, novels,

    oar, olein, olive, one, oner, ones, or, oral, orale, orant, ore, oriel, ornament, ornamental, ornaments, ornate, ort, osier, oven, ovens, over, overt,

    rain, raise, raisin, ramen, ran, rant, rants, rat, rate, rates, rattle, rattles, rave, ravel, ravels, raven, ravens, raves, real, realist, ream, reason, reel, reels, relate, relates, relation, relations, remain, remains, remote, remotes, renal, rent, rental, rentals, rents, resolve, retail, retails, reveal, reveals, revel, revelation, revelations, revels, revile, reviles, revise, revision, revolt, riant, rime, rimes, rise, risen, rite, rites, rive, riven, rivet, rivets, roam, roams, roan, roans, roil, roils, role, roles, rot, rote, rots, rove, roves,

    sale, salient, saline, salmon, salon, salt, saltier, salve, salver, same, sane, saner, sat, sate, satin, save, savior, savor, sea, seal, seam, sear, seat, seem, seen, semen, seminal, sen, senile, sent, sentimental, sera, sere, serial, serin, sermon, serval, servant, serve, set, settle, seven, sever, several, sieve, silent, silo, silt, siltier, silver, simile, sin, sir, siren, sit, site, slam, slant, slat, slate, slave, slaver, sleet, sleetier, slim, slime, slimier, slit, sliver, slot, smelt, smelter, smile, smite, smote, snail, snare, sneer, snivel, snore, soil, solar, sole, solve, solver, some, son, sonar, sonnet, stale, staler, stamen, star, stare, starlet, starve, station, stave, steal, steam, steamer, steamier, steel, steer, stem, sterile, stern, stile, stir, stole, stolen, stone, store, storm, stove, strain, strait, stream, street, strive, striven, strove,

    tale, talent, talents, tales, talon, talons, tam, tame, tamer, tams, tar, tarn, tars, taro, taste, taster, tat, tea, teal, teals, team, teams, tear, tears, teas, tease, teasel, teaser, teat, teats, tee, teem, teen, teens, tense, tensile, term, terminal, terms, tern, terns, tie, tier, tiers, tile, tiles, tilt, tilts, time, timer, times, tine, tines, tire, tires, titian, toil, toiler, toilers, toilet, toilets, toils, ton, tones, tons, tor, tors, total, totals, train, trains, trait, traits, tram, trams, travel, travels, treat, treats, tree, tries, trite, trivial, trivet, trivets, trove, troves,

    vain, vale, valet, valets, van, vane, vans, varies, varlet, vase, vast, vaster, veil, veils, vein, veinier, veins, vernal, verse, version, vest, vestal, via, vial, vials, vie, vies, vile, viler, vilest, vine, vines, vintner, vintners, viol, viols, violin, violins, viral, vireo, vireos, vise, vision, visor, vista, vital, vitals, voile, vole, voles, volt, volts, vote, voter, votes,

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