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Happy Birthday to CM Punk, more inside?

Today is CM Punk's birthday, so here are a few questions about him.. As ever, best answer goes to the best explained answer.

WQ1: What is your favourite CM Punk match?

WQ2: Do you think a CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan fued would be one of the best fueds we've seen for awhile if it happens?

WQ3: If CM Punk could form a tag team with any other WWE superstar, who would you pick and why?

WQ4: Do you think the straight edge gimmick would work better if CM Punk was a face? Or do you like how it was done, him being a heel?

WQ5: In your honest opinion, do you think CM Punk deserves a push? Or do you feel he is being used in the right way?

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    Best wishes to CM Punk. Happy birthday, dude. Your a great performer and I hope you enjoy your birthday this year!

    WQ1: In terms of WWE, I'd have to say his Ladder Match with Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam. It was an awesome match with great spots. But, Jeff's Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder onto Punk was simply awesome. I was going nuts as Jeff performed a guarenteed life changing stunt. If I were there live, I'd get told to shut up because that moment was absoluetly nuts. The match was fast paced. It was funny at the end when Punk smashed the belt over Hardy's face. Hardy's face was hilarious. Then at the end, for the 2nd year in a row, Undertaker returned at a SummerSlam event. I was surprised, aswell as my friends, as I was at a house party that night. Undertaker returned and chokeslammed Punk, Jeff-Punk made SummerSlam special to me. It was absolutely awesome.

    WQ2: Storyline wise: No. Match wise: Absolutely. Danielson vs. Punk is a dream match for me. 2 of the best in WWE today fighting out would be un-missable. But, I have doubts for storylines. Like Danielson-Miz, it was a 5 month storyline, but I never really got into the storyline. But the matches were great. That'd be the same for Punk-Danielson, but the match would obviously be better as Punk is better than Miz in terms of wrestling. Also, Punk can cut awesome heel promos. He can talk about straight edge like he always does. Danielson can but in and say a few words. But, just I need to wait for Danielson to get into the WWE, then I'll find his feuds intresting. I'm just used to seing him in Ring Of Honor. So to answer, storyline wise: No, wrestling wise: Definitely.

    WQ3: Very hard. A few actually. I'd love a CM Punk and Bryan Danielson team, I'd like a CM Punk and John Cena team (I loved their matches back in OVW), I think a CM Punk and Rey Mysterio team would work. But, to answer, I think I'll have to for Rey Mysterio. May not sound good, but CM Punk and Rey Mysterio have good chemistry in the ring as shown at WrestleMania, Extreme Rules and Over The Limit. They also know eachover very well after various matches with eachover in the past, I'd like to see how a team consisting of these 2 would work out. Would it be good or not? In all honesty, I wouldn't call this a make shift team just to add to the tag division, randomly. I actually think this tag team would be able to work out and stay for a year or so, unlike many tag teams that are just put together and break up a month later.

    WQ4: I'd have to give a definite heel. With heel, he can brag, take the pi*s, call the fans druggies, alcoholics, and if he ever feuds with a guy who's face and has had a drug-alcohol problem in the past e.g Dolph Ziggler, William Regal, he could rip these 2 apart. With heel, he can generate heat just like that. All he needs to do is brag, brag, brag. And just justify why straight edge is better than the fans. It gives him instant heat, and he is the best heel in WWE today. If Punk could use attitude and this was him in 2001, he would be unstoppable. He's incredibly over with the crowd. Gets boo's when he wants. When face, he couldn't get that much over. His gimmick isn't really made for a babyface. He can't brag or take the pi*s. Punk is just better as heel, overall, and after watching past highlights of his face era, and heel era, I'd definitely have to go for heel, because he is simply the best heel in WWE today, fact.

    WQ5: Hmm, hardest question of all 5 of them. Yes and no. Under-card, he is facing talented mid-carders who are great wrestlers, better than most main eventers to be precise. Now, under-card, he could have great feuds with John Morrison, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, R-Truth, The Miz and that's just under-card. Main event he has John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H (When he returns), Wade Barrett, Nexus. I'd like a Punk-Danielson feud, obviously. A Cena-Punk feud would also be awesome. In my honest opinion, I'd like Punk to push younger talent like Danielson, Miz, Morrison, then elevate into feuds such as Cena, Orton, HHH, Barrett. He's just joined and I don't expect him just to be thrown into the WWE Championship mix. I think he'll be fine where he is for another month or two.

    Again, happy birthday CM Punk. Straight Edge FTW!

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    Happy Freakin B-Day Punk! The only problem is that he doesn't drink so he can't party lol.

    WQ1: It was any Samoa Joe VS CM Punk match in ROH, these were two rising stars who eventually went to rival companies, but still a good feud in ROH and their matches were awesome.

    WQ2: It could if it's done properly, I would want to see a Punk VS Danielson feud just so Punk can get another feud and he will have a perfect match.

    WQ3: Daniel Bryan, there both talented wrestlers, good on the mic and can cut a good promo as a tag team and solo.

    WQ4: I think it works alot when he's a face, cause when he's a heel, nobody listens but when he's a face and talks about being Straight Edge, the fans would actually hear word by word.

    WQ5: Yes, He already had a good push in the last 2 years but ever since his last title reign he went from Main Eventer to Mid-Carder. I mean Punk has alot of good mic skills, he can work the crowd very well and can also work a great match. Punk needs at least 2 more WHC title reigns in 2010 and 2011 so his career can be almost 100% complete.

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    WQ1: My FAVORITE CM Punk match was definitely the TLC match with Jeff Hardy. I think that's self explanatory. Doesn't really need explanation besides: 1.) CM Punk 2.) Jeff Hardy and 3.) TLC!!!

    WQ2: YES! It'd be perfect for Daniel Byran's career! I think the fans would love it too! We need a fued like this! I know I'd love to see it! :)

    WQ3: It may sound weird but Edge! I just think since they're complete opposites, it'd be so much fun to see them together as a tag team! I'd just love it! :)

    WQ4: I think it was definitely better when CM Punk was a face! Especially with WWE's PG rating! I think being "straight edge" is quite PG and I'd also think it'd be a better influence on some of the younger fans! :)

    WQ5: He needs a push! Yes, he's a big star but he could be bigger! In my honest opinion, CM Punk should be in storylines with John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton, etc! You know, those big stars! :)


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    WQ1: What is your favourite CM Punk match? The one with rey mysterio..... he shouldn't have lost but it was a good match overall.

    WQ2: Do you think a CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan fued would be one of the best fueds we've seen for awhile if it happens? NOThinaaefefea

    WQ3: If CM Punk could form a tag team with any other WWE superstar, who would you pick and why?fasfawefawe f awf asefe gimmick woaSJGAJH FU34[ERGA]3[1fasdpgohajvuld work better if CM gadfLJFKLJFA;NGABTHA UGHAW;GJFAGJSDLAJS;TJREPOFGUsiofharl;tg -tywq6u13495 1=90uweviksdngjrgjskcnsdJvna/fkgbvSA:F TGseg''''''''''''wjR;/ggtm;gONV>CJ

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CM PUNK OUR SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WQ1: CM Punk vs Samoa Joe II out of the 3 series matches in ROH

    WQ2: I think it would be one of the best. They have the intensity to have a great feud. They know each other and what they would do in the ring. They had great matches in the past and it could be one of the best feuds in WWE for years. They have the charisma to do so. I just hope WWE can make a great storyline though.

    WQ3: Tyler Black, they have the charisma, they have the wrestling ability, and they can play bad *** heels as a team and be the best team in WWE history.

    WQ4: Hell No. CM Punk is spreading Straight-Edge around and being like a Missionary. It is so much better to do it as a heel since people will listen to you more as a heel. Face is simply boring to preach. He wants everyone to listen to him which people won't do as a face. His gimmick wouldn't have been as good.

    WQ5: He one hundred percent does. CM Punk should be in the main event seen and the mid card seen. WWE should consider the fact he is the best on the mic and people love him. WWE misuses everyone in sight and they want the big guys in charge. WWE cares on image and not what you are good at. And one thing is I am worried about the CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan feud since it might bring Punk down to Mid card position

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CM PUNK. CM Punk is our savior

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    WQ1: CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (The Bash 2009)

    WQ2: Yeah it would be a good feud but it wouldn't suit CM Punk's career because he should be main eventing.

    WQ3: CM Punk & Edge

    WQ4: Face would have been better.

    WQ5: Yes he does deserve a push. He deserves to be the next WWE Champion!

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    WQ1: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy at Summerslam 09'. Loved the ladder swanton, and Punk STILL WON!

    WQ2: Nope, Bryan hasn't QUITE established himself enough to feud with our Savior.

    WQ3: Him and Kaval would be unexpected, but good. Also, him and Evan Bourne hasn't happened yet.

    WQ4: Yeah, more people would become straight-edge, because he's less PUSHY with his gimmick, and they like him better.

    WQ5: He needs a push, he's like a mid-carder right now. He should be challenging for the WWE Title by now. And he could do with a face turn, after 2 years of a heel punk, bring back the old punk.

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    I was waiting for this question. I am glad you brought this up. Happy Birthday Sir Phil Brooks! Long live straightedge lifestyle!

    WQ: I want to say Summerslam 09 when he faced Jeff (I was there live) but the match could had been better if they utilize the ladder with their moves. My answer would be Over the Limit against Rey.

    WQ2: No doubt

    WQ3: I prefer him as a singles competitor because he is the leader of his own lifestyle

    WQ4: I agree because if he wants to enforce his values then he must also fight without cheating. However, he plays his role as a heel very well because that was his original role in indys.

    WQ5: I do not mind him getting a big or no push at all. The quality of his match, mic skills and consistency of his gimmick matters than his rankings.

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    Happy birthday cm punk <3 :D

  • I am so sorry CM i forgot today is your birthday [ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CM ].

    WQ1: When he went against jeff hardy, I really liked that one and i wanted CM to win so bad.

    WQ2: Yes, it would be great to see i would like it because it would help CM has well has Daniel more in their careers.

    WQ3:EDGE, because they are the top 2 heels in the WWE and i would love to see them win the Unified Tag Team title.

    WQ4: I love his gimmick with that either way, CM is great has a face or a heel in my opinion.

    WQ5:I would love to see him get a push and become WWE Champion and keep the title for along run.

    Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY number 32 to my 4th favorite wrestler and my 2nd favorite heel CM PUNK.

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    Happy Birthday Cm Punk Phil Brooks he's going celebrate with strawberry sundae.

    WQ1:) That would be in Ring of Honor Second Anniversary Show February 14, 2004

    even though he lost the match it was still a great match to crown a Pure Champion

    the match was against A.J. Styles this was a back and forth battle with some great

    in ring action to crown a Ring of Honor Pure Champion the winner was A.J. Styles.

    And Cm Punk vs. John Morrison on ECW on Syfy for the ECW World Heavyweight

    Championship that was a terrific match up these guys had quite a rivalry going for a

    while in Extreme Championship Wrestling. John Morrison always seem to win being

    a heel the match took place September 1, 2007 and Cm Punk won finally won that

    match against John Morrison it was one of the best matches I've seen in ECW they

    both brought out the best in each other and Cm Punk pushed Morrison to the limit.

    WQ2:) That's a good possibility. One of CM Punks most notable feuds with Ring of

    Honor was with Samoa Joe they had a great feud and rivalry in Ring on Honor during

    their best 2 out of 3 series of matches. However, CM Punk could never beat Samoa

    Joe for he ROH World Heavyweight Championship. I think a feud with Danielson can

    surpass that rivalry if they let them perform to their top level and not take away any

    of their move list they can go all out and this could be top candidate for the match of

    the year in World Wrestling Entertainment. Bryan Danielson vs. CM Punk in WWE

    WQ3:) Tyler Black former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion he's currently

    wrestling in FCW Florida Championship Wrestling part of the WWE's developmental

    territory he will mostly likely being a contestant on NXT Season4 when he does make

    it to World Wrestling Entertainments roster he should be partnered up with CM Punk

    this could be a magnificent team they would be better than the Second City Saints.

    WQ4:) I liked his gimmick better when Cm Punk was a face. Right now it seems like

    his a Tweener in between a Face and a Heel. Cm Punk was a better wrestler and lot

    more respected being a Face for example, during his ECW days when he didn't mock

    the fans and preach so much about his Straight Edge Society gimmick and Lifestyle.

    I'm sure the real wrestling fans do still appreciate all of his wrestling accomplishments.

    WQ5:) Yes. I would like to see him feud with Randy Orton for the Wwe Championship

    however, I don't know if that will happen this year. They seem to keep going with same

    storyline with Wade Barrett and the Nexus which is starting to bore me already. Either

    John Cena vs. Cm Punk or Randy Orton vs. Cm Punk those would be great rivalries.

    And Layla El is my most favorite wwe diva.

    Source(s): I got dibs Amie I gave you the best answers and you know it ;-)
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