pet red fox questions?

iv for a long time been wanting to get a red fox as a pet. over the years had sevral other pets and did fine (mainly cats and some snakes) and was wundering if it is leagel to have a red fox as a pet in north eastern PA.

also wundering if theres any permits, classs etc that i would need to take befor hand befor i can start to build a encloser and look for one too buy.

havent had any luck with local offices and geting infomation (the county and lots of local offices are under fine tooth brush atm from FBI still)

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  • Lisa R
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    9 years ago
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    Hi. :)

    I'm sorry to inform you, but the PGC is a load of crap...

    But, luckily, you can obtain a red fox, but it's hard to get the permit for it.

    The requirements of the permit include that you've had two years experience prior to getting the animal, with hands-on experience working with the species, and it has to be with some sort of licensed professional that can confirm all you've done (and it's smart to keep a log so they know specifically what you've done.)

    It's really painstaking, and it's best to have everything prepared before you submit to getting a permit application and such, but they will focus on details, will most likely change their minds within the process (as the specific guidelines aren't set in stone, so they make up some along the way...), and it'll end up taking probably between 1-2 months, up to 2 years (if you really do meet all requirements).

    I'm sorry it's such a nasty process, but it IS possible to have red foxes in PA.

    You'll need to check local laws as well though, these are just state laws...

    I also believe you need to get a second permit showing that the enclosure the fox will be in fits their requirements. That won't be hard to get though, because they can just go and see it. Hah.

    ...I don't think there are any classes or anything that you can take?

    But, you must do your research on the animal first, and if you can't find enclosure information for some reason, you can contact me and I'll help you,'ll need to build the enclosure prior ro getting your fox...? Sorry, I really have no idea what you said in that paragraph, haha. And then there are some breeders, I know of at least one in your state... You'd probably have to contact me for the name though, but I believe it's Keystone Exotics. ...I can't say I personally recommend them though; I've never spoken or met with them, and some of their enclosures I don't approve of, but he's still a reputable breeder... (But I think there are others that are better.)

    *Do your research on any pet before getting them.* (To everyone.)

    Good luck. :)

    And to the other users: Red foxes can do well and be very happy in captivity when cared properly for. Not all foxes are wild, and although they have some wild instincts still in them, people who understand those can be very great parents to them and they can both be good for each other. Foxes live 6x their natural life-span in captivity, are happy and bonded with their humans, and most people care for them well enough that they're just always happy. (They can spray and dig and smell bad and destroy things, but true animal lovers don't care, and it's a good scenario that shouldn't be bashed. And it's not illegal (sorry I'm stating that basically three times now.) Education is the answer. :D (Not bans or saying things about things you don't know personally about. ...and sorry, I realize the last answerers didn't say anything about them actually, but usually people do...)

    Source(s): A friend of mine has foxes in PA. And multiple friends of mine have different species of fox. I'm an animal researcher and plan to live with a fox one day... I've dedicated years to them. And I have some info and some sites if you're actually interested.
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  • 4 years ago

    (( I think you need a permit to get most exotic pets, they cost 100$)) I've never owned one, but i'll answer your questions the best i can :) 1.Fox have scent glands and produce a strong skunk like small. If you intend to have a fox as an indoor pet you will want to have these gland removed by your vet. 2.Foxes eat almost anything, just like dogs do. They prefer meat, but they will eat dog food if they find it. 3. It depends on how you raise it, if it meets other people while being young, it shouldn't be that bad. 4. Yes, before you adopt one, you should already have a collar 5.yes :) You need to check your state and city/town laws before getting one though :)

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  • Pamela
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    9 years ago

    Red foxes are wild animals and can not be kept as a pet in any state. There are no permits or license you can get unless you have a legit wild life rescue or a zoo.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can't buy red foxes but can get a Fennec fox in some states. Fennec foxes are the smallest wild dog in the world so be careful not to lose him!!

    Source(s): I researched wild dogs!!
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