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What's my face shape?

i can't tell what my face shape is, people say i got a flat, wide face and some of my friends say i got the same face shape as selena gomez(but totally different facial features) and elise estrada

elise estrada(for those who don't know)


i got no make up, and theres no editing, some of the pics are just blurry(srry) so what kind off face shape do i have? and are my friends right? is there a celebrity that has a similar face shape as me? and what hairstyle would best fit me?

srry lots of questions!! lol

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    i think pulling your hair back would be best and your face shape reminds me of a heart like start from the corners of each nostril, smle, and trace with your fingers and end at your chin. you have a totally defined heart shape

    on second thought with the hair do wat ever you like because i think u look nice with it up and down

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    You have a shovel looks like someone hit you in the face with a shovel. Makeup wont be able to save you!

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