why won't my parents let me buy designer clothes (boys)?

I'm a 15 year old boy and so i don't have much money. My friends tell me to get some designer 'nice' clothes, but unless i go shopping with my mum, i can't buy nice clothes in designer shops, and i feel embarrassed when my mum comes into town with me because she stands in the middle of the shop telling me how expensive everything is.

I really want to buy some nice designer hoodies and maybe t-shirts but im worried she won't let me when i ask and will embarress me.

Even shops like primark feel out of reach because i don't have much money at all and i've already got a job but it barley pays me anything and it would take forever to save my money up plus i don't get pocket money. My mum only buys me clothes from BHS and tesco. It's not a money issue becuase we're not poor.

what should i do to be able to buy some nice clothes because if i just go and ask my mum for £50 she'll clearly say no even though i get top grades in every class and am very well behaved. how should i convince my parents to let me have some money to buy my own clothes?

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    okay ik EXACTUALLY how u feel. i am 15 to and have issues with clothes. my dad on one hand wants me to have nice clothes while mom says wal mart clothes r just as good. what i did to convince my father about good clothes was that i have good grades and i don't get in trouble andi buy everything i need with my own money and i compromised as long as my grades and behavior stay top notch i get the good clothes but if i start lagging then i will buy from wall mart of where ever the parents decide. my clothes range are shirts: $20, pants: $40-60, shoes: $90-110 blah blah blah my mom is coming around with the clothes but still stands her ground with insisting on wal mart clothes. just be patient with ur parents try my compromisee try saving ur money and not worry about nice clothes just have fun with everything

    Source(s): p.s. have some cheap clothes handy for gym or out soide so u dont worry ur good clothes. good lick have fun LOVE YA XD
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    Tesco Clothes Boys

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    Get a side job. Rake/Mow Lawns for 10-15 dollars. If where you live pays a refund for returning soda cans-bottles, try collecting them. (Here in Michigan, cans-bottles from carbonated beverages pay out 10 cents each, not much but a trash bag is at least 10 dollars.)

    If your mom cant justify spending her hard earned cash on clothing that isnt entirely necessary then I think you should take it upon yourself to earn the money and buy the clothing yourself.

    When I wanted shoes that my parents didnt want to pay for I simply scrimped and saved and payed for them myself. They didnt complain a bit, it was my money, my idea and my decision.

    Not to mention, the clothing will mean that much more to you if you get it for yourself by yourself.

    If you already have a job, what do you spend all of your earnings on in the first place? Only being 15 you most likely don't have a car payment or tuition to pay for.

    Perhaps cut back on your current spending to pocket more money from your current job.

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    Work more. You live at home, don't have bills, there is no reason you can't earn enough to buy your own clothes! Your parents work dang hard for their money too, maybe they want to save it for a nice retirement or a savings cushion instead of handing it to you to buy a article of clothing that will only be cool for a year.

    Try this idea. Your mom will spend X amount of dollars for a pair of jeans. Well, you kick in the difference to upgrade to the pair you really want. I bet she will agree if she was already planning to spend those dollars on clothes for you anyhow.

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    At the age of 15, not many parents are lenient towards giving their child cash to buy clothes for themselves. It's somewhat of a trust issue. Besides, most kids your age don't know how to shop and save. Buying designer brands is an expensive business, especially since you're paying for the brand name: the quality of the actual piece of clothing is lesser than that of another store that is cheaper.

    Compromise with your mother: tell her to come with you for the only reason that she will be purchasing items. It's ultimately your decision in what you want to wear, so tell her to respect your choices. Most parents are reasonable: all you have to do is simply talk rationally with them.

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    Well you can find a job or have someone you know get you one or (I know it sounds lame) but you can Babysitt or something for money and if none of these work then unfortuntaly go to Playdo's closet (They sell designer clothes for cheap!) You should do chores around the house (believe me, my mother would buy me kitty cat shirts if SHE shopped for me) but I do my shoppig myself with money I earn or get from Birthday's/Christmas and SAVE IT! I may be a girl but I know these things. [;

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    get a better job. derr. oh and remember to buy some nice, fancy, designer clothes for the interview

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    try wearing a shirt that is sooo ugly to you but what shirt she will like and that shirt will be very expensive and to your dad it will be soo ugly i do not know if it works BUT who cares about what your parents think theyre not wearing it YOU are

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    honey 50 dollars cant buy you not even a lacoste polo at macys!

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    Maybe she thinks itll make you gay

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