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determine the speed of the hubble space telescope orbiting at a height of 598 km above the earth surface.?

Not sure how to get started? Equation? please help!

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    Okay. this looks difficult.

    Hubble space telescope is 598km above the earths surface. Calculate the surface area that it will cover above the earth by doing π r^2. Ok?

    Now you have it's surface area it needs to cover.

    I have finding it difficult to continue because you need other bit's of information like...what distance it needs to cover. You cannot calculate speed with just distance... Something is wrong.

    Equations you can use: Speed = distance/time (obviously)

    other equations can be:

    S= distance. V = Velocity. U = initial velocity. T = time to cover distance.


    S = -------- X T.


    Then you could use V ( as speed), a = acceleration.

    V = u + at.

    Sorry for the little help

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