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I need some assistance transplanting a papaya tree and a tomato plant.?

How deep do I dig the hole and etc?

Do I need a layer of sand or anything underneath for proper drainage in the ground?

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  • Maggie
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    The soil should be loosened & roots removed from area where it'll be planted. Papaya trees should be planted on a mound, preferably near the house foundation. Allow enough room for the tree to grow properly & root system to develop: See "How Not to Kill Your Papaya Tree" =)

    As for the tomato, depending on where you live, they're going dormant this time of year. They are annuals. However, transplanting one in the summer is generally easy. Plant it deep, at least half of it should be under ground level, with lower leaves removed.

    Check your drainage by digging a small hole. Fill with water. After an hour most of the water should be gone. If not, you have poor drainage. Re-work the soil & if you have clay, add a softener found in any garden center. You can add top soil, peat moss and/or mushroom compost to improve growth & plant health.

  • Julie
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    You did not say what size the papaya tree is, dig the hole a bit deeper than the pot it is in, make it wider and fill the bottom with compost or some type of soil amendment. Mix the dirt you removed with more compost and pack around the plant, water it well and when the water has run down, water it again.

    On the tomato plant, put it fairly deep in good soil, snap off some of the lower branches and pack the soil around the roots, then again water it well.

    I top my plants off with mulch, it holds moisture and prevents weeds.

    For more information on planting, you may want to go to the GardenWeb Forum and select the proper site. They give good instructions on plants.

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