which layer of OSI model is realated to wireless file transferring?


Could me explain in details please ? and how about remote access ? which layer does it related most to ? THANK YOU

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  • 9 years ago
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    First make it clear that File transfer use the same OSI process in wired and Wireless.the difference is only one that in wireless we are using frequency waves as a transmission media instead of wires.so the file transfer in wireless use the transport layer which is responsible for segmentation of data.then it transfered to network layer.this layer create packets with the segments by adding source ip and destination ip address and some other fields.after this by using data link and physical layer data transfered to the destination.

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  • 3 years ago

    Layer 7: application - it is the layer that certainly interacts with the working equipment or application each and every time the person chooses to circulate archives, examine messages or carry out different community-proper activities. Layer 6: Presentation - Layer 6 takes the information offered via the appliance layer and converts it right into a properly-known format that the different layers can understand. Layer 5: consultation - Layer 5 establishes, keeps and ends communique with the receiving gadget. Layer 4: delivery - this sediment keeps circulate administration of documents and supply for errors checking and restoration of documents between the gadgets. circulate administration skill that the delivery layer seems to be sure if documents is coming from greater beneficial than one application and integrates each and each application's documents right into a unmarried bypass for the actual community. Layer 3: community - the way that the information would be despatched to the recipient gadget is set in this sediment. Logical protocols, routing and addressing are dealt with right here. Layer 2: documents - in this sediment, the ideal actual protocol is assigned to the information. additionally, this type of community and the packet sequencing is defined. Layer a million: actual - it is the point of the actually hardware. It defines the actual traits of the community including connections, voltage ranges and timing.

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  • 9 years ago

    Layer 7 - application layer.

    File transfer is an application that uses the other 6 layers to authenticate access, verify data format, ensure accurate delivery between the various endpoints.

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