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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsOther - Electronics · 1 decade ago

Electro Static Discharge - Help !!?

Ok, recently i bought an ESD Grounding Kit, this comes with the mat, wrist strap etc, however there is a crocodile clip.

Would i connect this crocodile clip to an ESD Plug to discharge static from the mat ??

I only have a connector which attaches to the ESD plug, but that grounds the wrist strap, and not the MAT !!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    James - You need to ground the mat too. That may be what the alligator clip is for. If that clip is connected to a wire that connects to the mat, that is what it is for. You would connect it to the ground connection on a plug or a cold water pipe nearby or you could drive a ground rod into the ground outside of the room where the mat is. If you decide to use the ground on an AC plug may ABSOLUTELY sure that you connect the wire to the ground. If you connect it to the power, you could get a nasty shock from the mat or the wrist strap (this has happened). If you are in the USA and you have three conductor outlets, the ground is the "U" shaped one (not the flat ones).

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    Some mats are actually grounded others are simply made from material that do not create a static charge. If you do not see some type of metallic connector on the mat, then you have to assume yours is the latter. If there is a connection; then the manufacture should provided a wire to ground it. Typically the ESD plug would be plugged into a grounding jack mounted on the equipment you are working on. But if no such jack in available, then the plug is slipped into round sleeve on the crocodile clip, then it is clipped to a hard ground.

    Source(s): Retired Telcom Tech Support Guy
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