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What does JB stand for game?

How many things can you think of that JB stands for. Famous things like Justin Bieber (i gave that as an example because i figured that everyone would just say it anyway). So whoever can tell me the most gets 10 points. I have a list of about 5.

By the way, it's in this category because i didn't really know where to put it.

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    Justin Bieber


    J&B scotch whiskey

    JB tool industries

    Joint to background ratio (nuclear medicine)

    jonas brothers

    james brown

    Journal of Bacteriology

    jack black


    jelly belly

    jim beam whiskey

    jelly beans

    jersey boys

    jim brown

    jingle bells

    jacob black (twilight)

    jimmy buffet

    juice box

    jail birds



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    Jack Black, Jonas Brothers, James Bond, Jimmy Buffet, James Baldwin, John Bill, Johny Blaze, Joseph Bailey, Jim Blair, Jackson Brothers (/Jackson 5), John Bullard, Johnathon Burns, Jacob Black, Jazz Blues, Jessica Bunny (/Rabbit)

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