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My therapist told me to "shut up"? What should I do? Should I go back?

Maybe I was acting out but that is why I am seeking help in the first place. I suffer from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). But I believe her telling me directly & meanly rather to "shut up" was unprofessional for someone who works in mental health counseling. This was many months ago & I haven't gone back since & things have only gotten worse for me since it's hard to find therapists to work with BPD patients that don't charge an arm & a leg. Was she wrong to tell me that? Is there somewhere I could report her for unprofessional behavior?

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    No way! She was way out of line and should never have said that to you. It's totally unprofessional and I think you should steer well clear.

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    it depends on the circumstances - I have recently finished a DBT course & there was one patient who was in the group who it was the only way to achieve anything with. You would probably find it hard to prove that it was unprofessional behaviour due to the nature of BPD & the fact that it is hard to treat & often hard to get patients to actually listen (& I know I have been in the same stiuation - also suffer from BPD & sometimes I do need to be told to shut up to stop the train of thought & rambling I am going down so my clinician can actually help me)

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    No excuse for a professional to tell a patient to shut up. You should ask for an apology at least.

    You need encouragement and support not put downs like that. It shows a lack of respect and intollerance on the part of the psychologist.

    If you feel strongly then find another more professional person to help you.

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    No, she has no right to tell you to shut up. Nonetheless, you have BPD, so this could be a lie. It is hard to believe you, when I have counseled many like you. Did she really tell you to shut up, or are you looking for attention? This is a serious condition, and should not go untreated without therapy.

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    Um, your therapist told you to shut up?

    Sorry, but what the ****?

    Find a different therapist, asap.

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    Shut up and listen to her. If you are going to pay all that money to go to a professional, listen to what she has to say, you may not like it, but it may be in your best interest.

    If you want someone to listen to everything you have to say and tell you how good you are and how bad everyone else is, go find a bartender or get your hair done.

    If you want professional advice, go to a professional.

    If you were acting out, you probably deserved it.

    You do not have the right to not be pissed off at someone trying to help you.

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