Name some company that create tax management software for asset-intensive industries?

for asset-intensive, I am talking about company that has more than $10 bil in fixed assets. For example, exelon, nationaldrid, chevron, oxy, verizon, ata&t etc.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Many of the tax software does have CD's for businesses. why not go to the computer or office supply store and check to see what they have. Taxcut is a big one. It may be for smaller businesses. There are some professional ones used by tax accountants for their clients, large and small. you coold probably contact an accounting company that does taxes to ask what they use. Most won't matter how much in assets a company has but more unusual types of bsiensses or more complex. Has to include foreign tax investments as well as business within the uS.

    Good luck.

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