Good Songs for kids 6-10?

My mom has a kids yoga class & needs some clean pop songs for the playlist. I have no clue what anyone listens to because all I listen to is punk rock and metal:) The kids range from 6 to about 10... any good songs??? We already have Baby, One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Replay, and Party in The USA. Any Suggestions???

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    9 years ago
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    Hi there,

    Lets get crazy- Hannah Montana

    Hurry up and save me- Tiffany Giardinia

    Our Song- Taylor Swift

    You belong with me- Taylor Swift

    Falling down- Selena Gomez and the scene

    Till I forget about you- Big Time Rush

    Tell me something I dont know- Selena Gomez

    Fireflies- Owl City

    According to you- Orianthi

    Everywhere- Michelle Branch

    Poker Face- Lady Gaga

    The Middle- Jimmy Eat World

    Down- Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne

    Fallin' for you-Colbie Caillat

    Remember December- Demi Lovato

    All-Star- Smash Mouth

    Then I woke up- Clique Girlz

    Starstruck-Sterling Knight (As Christopher Wilde)

    Single Ladies- Beyonce'

    My World- Avril Lavign

    Hair- Ashley Tisdale

    Potential Breakup Song- Aly & A.J

    I think these are what 6-10yr olds might listen

    Hope I helped. :-)

  • 9 years ago
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