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What type of receptor is being blocked in this situation? Anatomy and physiology!?

A person taking a drug that causes dryness of mouth and speeding of heart rate bit no impairment of the ability to use the skeletal muscles. What type of receptor does this drug probably block?

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    The inhibition(blocking) of Muscarinic ACh receptors can accomplish both dry mouth and tachycardia without impairing skeletal muscle movement. A good example of a Muscarinic receptor blocker is Atropine, which was used by soldiers in the gulf war to counter-act nerve agents used on them. It increases heart rate, and alleviates excessive saliva, two big problems with nerve agents.

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    The pre-reqs include a basic nursing oriented chemistry class and math is fairly straight forward based upon calculating drugs and drips ant temp & weight calculations in nursing school. You must be comfortable doing that (its almost all ratios & fractions). You may also have to take a statistics class. Other pre-reqs include english & anatomy & physiology. The actual nursing classes are med surg nursing, peds, surgery, things like that where you learn patient care in various areas of the hospital.

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    The drug type is anticholinergic. It blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

    Check out the wikipedia for full details

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