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I need help with my Alice in Wonderland costume?

ok i want to be alice from alice in wonderland, but i dont have enough money to buy the actual costume. they want like 50 bucks for a costume i would wear once! HA im too cheap so no. have any ideas how i could make an alice costume with regular clothing?

maybe something like this:

thanks :)

2 Answers

  • 10 years ago
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    Things You'll Need:

    Sky blue, knee-length dress

    White apron

    White tights

    Black Mary Jane flats

    Blonde wig

    Black headband


    Wear a sky blue, knee length dress with a full skirt. Add several petticoats to add volume to the skirt for the classic Alice in Wonderland look. If you can't find one with a white, rounded collar, create your own collar by trimming a piece of felt and attaching it with simple stitches or double-stick tape. If the dress you find doesn't have puffed sleeves, try tucking the sleeves up into themselves for added volume.


    Layer a simple white apron on top of the dress. Although Alice in Wonderland's has straight and plain edges, an apron with a lace or scalloped edge will give the costume a fancy touch.


    Wear white tights and black Mary Jane flats. Be sure to walk with small, lively steps like the eager and petite Alice in Wonderland.


    Don a long, blonde wig if you're got dark or short hair. Alice is nothing without her lovely locks. Part it in the middle and fluff the long bangs a little before adding a narrow black headband.


    Perfect your English accent to mimic classic Alice in Wonderland lines like, "It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change" and "curiouser and curiouser."

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  • 4 years ago

    i did that final 12 months, cept i referred to as her "malice in wonderland". it grew to become into lovable because of the fact i dressed my son up because of the fact the white rabbit. i took a french maid outfit, and switched over it into the dress i mandatory. i had cool tights with spades, hearts, diamonds, and golf equipment on them. i wore a black wig with a coronary heart ribbon in my hair, and had black shoes. my makeup grew to become into easy, yet a sprint gothic finding. it is advisable to hold something like a knife. it is advisable to kinda misery the dress too. according to probability placed some rips in it. if it has a petticoat, according to probability permit quite a few the gadget or regardless of it used to cling down, from under the skirt. reliable success and characteristic exciting!

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