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Do you think the theme of Bach's Musical Offering sounds like a sixties detective series theme?

Probably starring Patrick MacNee?


I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear.

I've no *specific* sixties tv series in mind. I'm asking if you think it *could* be.

I can assure you, what I'm smoking isn't anything you'd grow in Mexico.

Update 2:

suhwahaksaeng thanks for the answer. The theme was given to Bach by Frederick II and supposedly may come from a composition by Handel. It's mainly the theme I'm talking about, as it would be hard to imagine Bach's treatment of it, played on period instruments, being used as performed.

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    I don't know the Sixties detective series theme,

    but my brother-in-law always corrects me if I say that composition A sounds like composition B if composition B was written earlier.

    He insists that I say that composition B sounds like composition A.

    I could see why the Musical Offering would make a good detective theme, however.

    It's in a minor mode and has a half-step progression.

    According to Schweitzer, the theme was not written by Bach, but by the nobleman who commissioned the composition.

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    Really? I have to say.... dude, what are you smokin'?

    I don't know what detective series you have been watching, but it sure as heck isn't "Dragnet" or "77 Sunset Strip."

    Patrick MacNee was in "The Avengers" which wasn't a detective series (more Spy-Fi) and the music was more jazz oriented in that.

    I'd love to know why you think this.

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