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what is C8H18O3(l) + O2(g) H2O(g) + CO2(g) balanced?

Please explain I don't understand how to figure it out.

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    Balancing equations just takes practice. Just count all of the species and relate each molecule to one another until they are all accounted for on both sides.

    C8H18O3 (l) + 11O2 (g) --> 9H2O (g) + 8CO2 (g)

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    You are burning an organic compound, C8H18O3 in the presence of oxygen to get CO2 and H2O.

    Now, you already know you have to get at least 8 CO2 molecules given off. And at least 9 waters given off. So that also means at least 25 oxygen atoms. But the organic molecule already provides three of them, so you need 22 oxygen atoms. Remember, oxygen is diatomic!

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