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Why did soul music turn into Contemporary R&B?

Combining R&B and Hip hop was a big mistake cause obviously they are two seperate things and I actually prefer the house music that would have evolved into techno but still KEPT "soul singing".Why did they combine them and r&B turned hip hop instead of keeping soul and Neo soul is boring .

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    You're not really taking this genre thing as a serious event that is going to affect your life are you? Genres have gotten way out of hand. There are so many of them and they are so similar that many songs could be moved from one genre to the next and no one would notice or care. Oops! Sorry, you'd care wouldn't you? The question is Why? The reality is that soul music is not dead. Even if there is no longer a genre called soul that music is still around in churches and urban America. So, just because a bunch of bean counters in music stores have decided to group their CDs in a different way (that is how genres came into existence in the first place) that does not mean that they are right or that there is now all of a sudden a new rule that we now all have to march in lock step to or parish. So lighten up a little. Stop taking yourself and your music so seriously. You don't actually lie awake at night trying to figure this stuff out do you? I have a worse problem, I'm a songwriter and I have no idea if any of my songs fall into the category of any specific existing genres but, all of the record label want you to label your demo CDs by genre. I refuse to care about stuff like that. Its music, you know? It either moves your soul or it doesn't. If it does, buy it and love it and get lost in the moment of it. But, for heavens sake, don't try to categorize it unless you planning the layout of your record store and you want to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Hmmmm ... and I thought that is what alphabetical order was for. how silly of me.

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