What should my character's LAST NAMES be?

Hey this may be a tough one but I'm writing a story about a cccrrraaazzzyyy summer that these two sisters have.


Zoe is really selfish, and only acts on her own thoughts. She is extremely head-strong, so trying to convince her of anything she doesn't want to be convinced of is out of the question. But the reason of her bad personality is because underneath it all she's insecure and has major problems truly trusting people. And if you get close enough to her you see that she can be sweet at times. She has shoulder-length brown hair and freckles, along with light brown eyes. She's sort of short and pretty skinny.


Samantha is a lot nicer then her sister, but when she really believes in something she's willing to get rebellious. She lives in her sister's shadow, even though she doesn't really want to. She has hair chest-length brown hair and dark brown eyes. She's sort of short and isn't super skinny, but isn't even close to overweight.

So please come up with a good last name for them. This may be a tough one because they are so different, but please help!!! Thanks!

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    Zoe and Samantha Delaney

    Zoe and Samantha Morton

    Zoe and Samantha Brooke

    Zoe and Samantha Winters

    Zoe and Samantha Fontana

    Zoe and Samantha McKnight

    Zoe and Samantha Delmar

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    http://names.mongabay.com/most_common_surnames.htm is the website I use to give my character's surnames. They list the most common ones to the most peculiar, quirky ones. Just read the character's first name along with one of the surnames that stands out to you on the list. Then decide which one sounds best along with the name.

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    How about Channing?

    Or Slater?

    I really like the sound of Channing though.

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