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anybody know anything about Health Insurance and Innovations?

MedPlus STM is also a part of this company, which is underwritten by Starr Indemnity and Liability.

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    This is a newer product that has recently started being sold as a replacement for major medical insurance due to the rising costs associated with health care reform.

    It's a short term product meaning it will expire in 6 or 12 months depending on the option you select. The company "Starr Indemnity" is an A rated carrier which states they are financially secure and I do personally sell them from time to time.

    The biggest thing you need to decide before buying this product is the length for which you need it. If you need insurance for longer than 12 months, which most people do... I would advise against this purchase. If something were to happen to you in the next 12 months that rendered you uninsurable, you would be in a very bad position because the plan doesn't automatically renew. You have to fill out a new application and go back through underwriting which would result in a decline due to the medical condition.

    If you need health insurance for longer than 12 months and the person you're talking to knows this, then get a new health insurance broker. A good broker wouldn't make this an option without first advising you of this.

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    BBB has a few complaints filed against them in Florida. When in doubt, always check with YOUR state insurance department website, for licensing and complaint information.

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