What is the difference Between the AFC and the NFC?

What is the difference between the AFC and the NFC in the NFL? and what decides which teams go into which league? Also what decides the schedule of teams in the NFL?

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    There used to be two leagues. The AFL and NFL. About 40 years ago the two leagues joined and formed what we know today as the NFL and now the NFL is broken up into the AFC (what was the old AFL and the NFC what was the old NFL). When they first joined the championship between the two joined leagues became what we know today as the Super Bowl.

    Since one league had more teams than the other. A few of the teams had to switch over from one conference to the other to make the numbers even. Divisions were picked based on region mostly. And those have moved around as new teams were added. For example the Colts used to be in the AFC East and are now in the AFC South.

    As far as the schedule, that is determined by two things. The first and main portion is determined by a lottery. The lottery determines what division plays what division. I'm a Colts fan so I'll kind of explain it from who the Colts play this year.

    The Colts are in the AFC South. Each division draws one NFC division to play and one AFC division to play. This year the AFC South plays the AFC West and the NFC East. So the Colts have to play all 4 teams in the AFC West and all 4 teams in the NFC East once. The same goes for all of the other teams in the AFC South. So that accounts for 8 of the 16 games.

    Next, the team has to play each of the other teams in their division twice (home and away). That accounts for 6 games, bringing the total up to 14 of the 16 games.

    The last two games are determined by how well the team did last year. Since the Colts won their division last year. They have to play the top ranked team in the other two AFC divisions (AFC North and AFC East). Remember, they're already playing all of the teams in the AFC West. So the Colts play the New England Patriots (1st last year in the AFC East) and Cincinnati Bengals (1st last year in the AFC North).

    Whoever comes 2nd in the division plays the 2nd place teams and whoever places 3rd plays the 3rd place teams for those 2 games and so on.

    The order that a team plays their opponents is arbitrated by the NFL and the TV companies that broadcast the games. CBS usually broadcasts the AFC. Fox broadcasts the NFC. NBC broadcasts the Sunday night games. And ABC/ESPN broadcasts the Monday night games. The NFL tries to make all of their broadcasters as happy as possible. The NFL Network broadcasts the Thursday night games.

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    Teams In Afc And Nfc

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    There are no rule differences. However, in recent years the AFC has had far superior teams. Of the top 6 or so teams in football right now (San Diego, New England, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Baltimore) only 1 is from the NFC. And this year is pretty typical in that respect.

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    NFC has won more Super Bowls.

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    The first letter is the difference

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