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WDYT of my characters for my story?

I'm writing a story about some 12 yr olds who are in a secret spy school. They are training to become real spies, so they go on missions and stuff like that. Its sort of like a mix of The Clique and a spy story, but not really at the same time.

Characters / Code names:

Isabella Marie Remington/Promise

Isabella means promise

Camille Ashley Wellington/Flower

A Camille is a type flower

Blair Elizabeth Hawthorne/ Stallion

Blair rhymes wiht mare and a stallion is a type of mare

Lyndsey Olivia Channings/ Watch

the sey part of Lyndsey is sort of like see. watch is the same thing as see

Hunter Rowan Lexington/Animal

a hunter hunts anmals

Zachary Nicholas Hawthorne/Arrow (yes he is twins with Blair)

Zachary sorta sounds like archery kinda and arrows are part of archery

Ashton Blaine Thatcher/Fire

Ash= Fire

This ones my fav code name

Cole Joshua Harrington/ Santa

long time story santa gives children coal if they are bad. coal sounds the same as Cole. and you get what i mean right?

BQ (idk what this really means, but i've seen others do it):

What do you thinks of my character? Is there anything I need to change?

Does the plot sound good? Would you read it?

Any other comments/suggestions are welcome.

I know this was long and thanks even if you read it and thanks again if you answered.


That does sound a lot like that t.v. show. Just so you know, I knew nothing about that show before i thought of this.

Update 2:

Whoa that is weird. :)

Update 3:

Well, they sort of rhyme, because I wanted them to sound rich. I looked up some rich sounding last names and... you do have to admit, (well in my opinion), they sound sort of rich to me.

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    Reminds me of MIH, a British children's TV programme...You should check it out on Youtube to get ideas :)

    Your characters seem fine :)

    Just add some twists and I think you're good to go :)


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    Well, I could answer the plot question if there was a plot. And I wouldn't know if I would like to read it because all there is are the characters.

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    Garcia is a Spanish final call. i think of Eva might bypass extra valuable because of the fact it is Spanish in foundation, too. additionally, Ava potential chicken and Eva potential existence. Eva is stated exceptionally much precisely like Ava. Kinda like Eyh-vah.

  • ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS! IM WRITTING THE SAME FREAKING THING! -i am not accusing you here, just think its weird we have the same exact idea well not the characters but ya know what i mean.

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    you should start by changing the last names of the characters.. wellingto, remington, harrington? are you serious..

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