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Illegal Alien Connected to Case of Identity Theft did his immigration status have anything to do with crime?

BAR HARBOR — A Mexican national who police say spent the past two summers here allegedly using a man’s stolen identity was taken into custody Saturday afternoon.

Adrian G. Acosta, 39, allegedly admitted to police over the course of a two-hour interrogation that he had been using another man’s identity and was in the country illegally.

“He said for four years, he’s been living as Julio Lazano. Lots of people around town knew him like that,” Officer Soren Sundberg said. “His roommate had no idea who he really was.”

Since 2009, Mr. Acosta has worked at various locations in Bar Harbor, including Geddy’s restaurant, the Anchorage motel, and Hannaford supermarket. He has a birth certificate and social security card under the false identity of Julio Lazano, as well as an active Texas driver’s license in that name, Officer Sundberg said.

Police here first became aware of Mr. Acosta on Oct. 9, when they received a call from the San Diego, Calif. police department reporting an alleged identify theft. Officer Sundberg initially questioned Mr. Acosta that day, but no charges were made.

Over the course of the week, Officer Sundberg pieced together the details of the case. The real Julio Lazano was alive and well in San Diego. He had lost his job, and had qualified for unemployment. However, the checks never arrived, and Mr. Lazano had gone broke, been evicted, and moved in with his mother, Officer Sundberg said.

The case came to the attention of the San Diego police when it was discovered that $2,500 in unemployment checks in Mr. Lazano’s name had been cashed in Bar Harbor this summer. Officer Sundberg determined that Mr. Acosta had cashed the checks, and charged him on Friday with Class C theft, a crime punishable with up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


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    Being an illegal alien and identity theft go hand in hand. So does defrauding the government by collecting unemployment (or welfare in some cases). The crimes never stop at just being in the country illegally.

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    I'd tell them that Illegal aliens are respsponsible for thousands of crimes, including domestic violence every month in this country. Many never serve any jail time and are merely deported to return again and again. The US does allow immigration, but illegal immigration is a person who jumps the fence so to speak because they either know they won't be allowed into the country or don't want to bother waiting. In any case those who do come into the US legally receive medica screenings, background checks, screenigns for children to ensure both parents are approving the immigration (as sometimes a father kidsnaps his children to come to the US or the mother as in the case of Elian Gonzalez). The US needs to verify an immigrant has a place to go and someone who agees to sponsor them, as it should be. When this fails to happen due to the deliberate actions of a person it is often to avoid the few laws we have (no contagious persons, no criminals, no kidnappers). So obviously this identity theft is only the tip of the iceberg.

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    This just shows activists see no crime here, only an illegal who needs a better life. The other person lost his job, and had qualified for unemployment. However, the checks never arrived, and Mr. Lazano had gone broke, been evicted, and moved in with his mother ,but activists are so concern about illegals they are willing to indicate Identity Theft ,is not and has not ever been shown to be related to immigration status. At what point does it relate to immigration status, since activists claim this is not an immigration issue, then when is it ?

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    Illegal aliens like this should be hung from a poll on the Rio Grand as a warning to future illegals

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    no surprises here just another one wanting for a better life.(culture) illegal mexicans would steal the cloths off the backs of nuns,what a pathetic piece of (you fill in the word)

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    So, what is your point?

    He is being charged with theft, NOT for being an illegal immigrant.

    Special Edit for Neoclowns:

    Like it or not, being an illegal alien is not a crime. As a matter of fact, apprehended illegal aliens are processed in CIVIL proceedings to determine the alien's status and whether he or she is subject to deportation. There is absolutely no discussion of guilt, innocence or imprisonment. Entering the USA without inspection, or overstaying permission, is a violation of US Civil Code, not of Federal Criminal Codes.

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    Probably not.

    There are many citizens and legal alien who steal someone else's identity for a variety of reasons. Not all identity theft is committed by undocumented aliens.

  • yes

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    that person is already a criminal, so what is another crime.

    Source(s): US Army MP (ret)
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