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Jen asked in Consumer ElectronicsLand Phones · 1 decade ago

What brand has the best cordless telephones for the home?

We are buying phones for the new place we moved into and need help to pick out the best cordless phones. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Frank
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    1 decade ago
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    I have preference to the Siemens Gigaset line of phones. They are DECT, and a couple of models support bluetooth handsfree. The Gigaset line supports 1 POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Service) via RJ-11, and 6 SIP services via RJ-45 connected to a router. It supports 2 SIP calls, and 1 POTS call simultaneously. It also supports 6 Gigaset handsets.

    The access point is separate from the phones, so even if the original phone is damaged for some reason, the base station still remains. You will dial a standard IP address which you can find out by paging a phone.

    The bad thing about it is that has a terrible interface. Thankfully, if you want to make calls, and do what you will expect a phone to do, it can handle that well.

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    The best cordless land-line phones are Panasonic, in my humble opinion. They last much longer than the no-name brands and don't cost much more.

  • mkb80
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    1 decade ago

    Just go to Walmart and pick out any cordless phone you like. They are basically disposable now. If it stops working its not worth trying to get it repaired. Throw it out and get a new one. In some cases the battery is more than the phone.

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