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Gran Canaria, or Tenerife South? Which airport?

I have to choose the arrival airport (Tenerife South, or Gran Canaria), the period is just before Xmas, around Dec 13, my question is which airport should I choose, I know Tenerife South is where all the resort tourists arrive, and perhaps it's a quieter option to land in Gran Canaria, but the nice natural places to visit are on Tenerife, i will visit all the islands, but which to arrive first? It is 60km distance between Tenerife South airport, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife the main town, however Gran Canaria's airport is closer to the main town of Las Palmas, only 25km.

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    Probably depends on a few things, but off the top of my head I would vote for Gran Canaria. It is going to be a bigger airport/ therefore you will have more options at your disposal as far as getting lower priced flights or any other type of ground transportation once you arrive.

    Also, don't leave Gran Canaria out of the equation when thinking about natural places. Gran Canaria is called "the little continent" for a reason, and there are some really beautiful natural places to be seen on this island outside of the tourist areas as well as in them.

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    I'd go for Tenerife South; there are frequent buses to Santa Cruz and I don't think it takes too long.

    Tenerife North airport is of course closer but I think it only takes domestic, i.e. Spanish flights.

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