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Alice in wonderland costume? :)?

i was wondering.. if a brunette could dress up as 'alice in wonderland'?

i love her! & the dress is gorgeous..but the thing is i'm not blonde :(

haha.. has anyone got any advice for me? :) i was going to be the queen of hearts but my friend was in the store this morning and said she couldn't see any but there were lots of alice dresses :/

thanks:) x

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    By the link id say your in the UK. So the shops i could reccommend you might not be able to get in the uk. But why dont you try ebay for a cheap wig? some are like $10 and maybe you could get the costume cheaper to? If you didnt want to wear a wig why not "change" your alice idea into something like "twisted alice" or "dead alice". Change the socks to black and then cause your hair is dark it would match.. It could be a talking point and a great conversation starter! You could say your alices' dark side.. or her evil twin.. Get creative!

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    I don't see any problem with it, but maybe you could buy a wig, or dye your hair for it.

    There are other characters though, like the mad hatter, or the chesire cat, or the rabbit. The Quuen of hearts wouldnt be too hard, just buy a long red dress, place some cards over it, and voila. Actually now i dont know what im talking about but, you get the idea, you could be someone else.

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    I like the Hot Topic costume better. Although the wetseal costume is more traditional Alice in Wonderland, the Hot Topic costume is sexier and I really like the back!

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    blonde wig?

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    Nah, if you cut all your hair off, it'll grow blonde. You're welcome =D

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