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Anonymous asked in 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 decade ago

可以稱牧羊的女生為Shepherd girl嗎?


她要說的故事是: The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf.

我想要問的是,我可以把牧羊女可以叫做"Shepherd girl"嗎?

我知道牧羊女好像有人叫"Bo Peep".

所以如果我把故事改成 "The Bo Peep and the Wolf"

或是 "The Shepherd Girl and the Wolf".

請問這樣會很奇怪嗎? 那一個比較正確?

PS: 要這樣改是因為想用第一人稱來說故事.



都沒有人覺得應該用"Bo Peep"嗎?


Shepherd - for male

Bo Peep- for female


'Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep"


Update 2:

還有"玩具總動員"裡 胡迪的女朋友也叫 "Bo Peep"唷~

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  • Louis
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    1 decade ago
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    shepherdess = a woman whose job is to look after sheep 牧羊女

    2010-10-27 11:43:03 補充:

    girl可當形容詞,a girl cousin, a girl student

    girl當名詞用時,可組複合名詞,如an office girl, a salesgirl

    所以故事的標題寫成 A Shepherd Girl and A Wolf是沒問題的


    Once upon a time, there were a shepherd girl and a wolf ...

    2010-10-27 11:45:59 補充:

    如果要用第一人稱來說故事,題目應寫作A Wolf and I

    故事的出發點,會是[我]:I am a shepherdess...或I am a shepherd girl...

    2010-10-27 16:31:05 補充:

    Little Bo Peep And a Wolf



    Source(s): Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2007 edition
  • 1 decade ago

    shepherd = sheperd

    牧羊女是叫做 shepherd/ sheperd girl,這裡有本原文書叫做"The little sheperd girl~ a Christmas story". 簡介可以給你一些靈感

    建議可以比照改為: The Little Sheperd Girl and the Wolf. 好像更順一點~

    2010-10-27 01:11:02 補充:


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