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With the growing popularity of cell phones, it is easier than ever to contact others.

Some new problems, however, have resulted from the popularity of cell phones.

For example,can not concentrate,electromagnetic waves damage,over-reliance on cell phone

The use of cell phone has been proven to be big distraction.

Many car accidents because drivers talking on the phone.

Every time I go to the movies, I hear cell phones ringing,

despite the brief announcement asking audience members to turn off their cell phones.

In addition, when I go to the class, I often come across people talking loudly on their cell phones,

which shows no respect for other classmates and teacher.

They are not learn the proper manners for using a cell phone in public.

The possibility of brain tumors is increasing with the use of cell phones.

Ringing affects your heart if you put the phone in your upper pocket.

Because children are especially vulnerable to radiation,

the foreign report recommends that parents not allow their children under the age of 18 to use mobile phones.

Many people use alarm clock and schedule of cell phone features.

They are also use cell phone play game. take picture and send message.

The new survey found one third people can not live without a cell phone.

two-thirds people when they sleep with their phones put on near,

because they fear they'll miss a call.

Nearly half people use message to flirting.

One in five people use message to a first date,

also one in five people will use message to end a relationship.

Phone is convenient, but also brought many problems.

You be concerned about these issues.


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    Cell phone is no longer an alienate accessory to people with the high demanding to contact one another within a short time. People carry cell phone with them whenever and wherever they go. However, they do not realise that cell phones bring harms to them besides the convenient usage such as poor concentration, electromagnetic wave damage, over-reliance on the cell phone.

    The use of cell phone has been proven to be a big distraction to the society. It has shown that most of the car accidents occurred is due to the drivers who talk over the phone while driving. Their concentrations on the road have been disrupted. Besides that, there are some stubborn people who do not shut down their cell phones while watching movies even though gentle warning has been given before the show. Furthermore, I often come across people who talks loudly over the cell phone either in the class or in the campus.

    Many car accidents because drivers talking on the phone. Their attitude show no respect to the public as they are disturbing others.

    Apart from that, the possibility of getting brain tumor is high with relation to the cell phone use. Loud or frequent ringing may affect your heart if you place the cell phone to the pocket. This effect has deeper affection towards children as they are vulnerable to radiation. There is a recommendation that parent should not allow their children under the age of 18 to use cell phone.

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    The variety features of cell phone have made people addicted to it. Many people use cell phone as their alarm clock, schedule reminder, entertainment like play games, photo taking, sms and so on. The recent survey showed that one-third of people cannot survive without cell phone.

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    Two-third people place their cell phone near to them when they sleep as the fear of missing any calls. It also explained that nearly half of the people use message to flirt as there is statistic showing a relationship begins through messaging.

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    In conclusion, cell phone is convenient but it also brings harms to us. We should use the cell phone wisely and be concern with the possible harms a cell phone might bring to us unconsciously.

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