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Has Epic Mickey made its release yet?

My friends claim that they saw Epic Mickey at Game Stop for sale. But, I'm not to sure if they meant available for pre-order, or actually being sold. I've also heard people on IGN/E3 say that it is available Holiday 2010. Does someone know for sure when it comes out?

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    Hey AJ!

    I'm working with Disney Interactive Studios on "Disney Epic Mickey," and the release date for the game is November 25th in Europe and November 30th in the U.S.  So don't worry, It's not sold out yet! You can pre-order and purchase at several outlets.  

    Check out the options here:

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    You know, its much easier to search these things yourself, that's why we haev the internet, so we don't need to search thing's in magazines or books or w/e...

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